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Nate x Dion is the slash ship between Nate Heywood and Dionysus from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom.


Freaks and Greeks

As the leader of the Sigma's enters the room, Nate recognizes him as Dion. The head of the Sigma's from when he went there. Charlie inform him that Dion is actually Dionysus. She goes up and reveals herself to Dion, who is happy to see her. He see's the Legends and asks if they're her squad. She confirms that they are, and Nate tries to impress Dion by saying his nickname is Shotgun Nate. He is interrupted by Astra though, as she tries to take the cup herself.

While Nate is showing Lita Greek row, when Dion spots the two of them and asks if they're ready to party. Nate instantly becomes nervous and tells Lita to act cool. He confirms that he's ready to party, which Dion seems pretty happy about. Lita asks if Nate has a man crush, and Nate denies before saying that it's unrequited. Dion walks down to meet them, and says that a friend of Charlie's is a friend of his. Nate wants to stay, but he's got "responsibilities". Dion says that he's welcome to the party anytime, and heads back to the house. Lita says that Sigma has the chalice, and suggests they do some scouting. Nate agrees, and goes to join the party.

As the keg arrives, Dion puts his arm over Nate's shoulder and says that he is very glad he found Sigma. He saw brotential in Nate the second they met. Nate says that's nice of him, and Dion wants to mark the occasion. He lets Nate take a chug from his special stash, and explains that it'll make him forget about the stressful world outside. Nate says that he needs to check on Lita, when the magic kicks in. Nate suddenly feels awesome, which Dion figured. Dion then asks why the Legends actually ended up on campus, and Nate admits that they needed the chalice to use the loom of fate. Dion thinks that Charlie's been faking it the whole time, and Nate thinks that he's not just hot, but smart.


Freaks and Greeks

  • Dion raises his eyebrows at Nate trying to steal the chug cup.
  • Nate notices that Dion hasn't aged a day.
  • Nate is easily impressed by Dion and gazes at him as he walks away.
  • Charlie informs the others that Dion put Nate under his spell.
  • Dion gestures to Nate as he dabs.
  • Charlie disguises herself as Nate to get to Dion.
  • Nate remains one of Dion's followers after everyone leaves.
  • Nate is the last of the followers to leave Dion.
  • Dion tells Nate later days, and Nate yells back the same.

Thong Song

  • Nate wonders if texting Dion would make him seem desperate.


Dion“Sick. Is this your squad?”
Nate“They call me shotgun Nate.”
Dion“Call the bro patrol. Looks like somebody want to PARTAYYY!”
Nate“Is he talking to us? Act cool. Be cool. Shut up. This is agent Heywood to bro patrol. Desire to party confirmed.”
Lita“Do you have a man crush?”
Nate“No. It's unrequited. Shh.”
Lita“You should tell him.”
Nate“Shut up.”
“Bro, you're a looker, and a cooker.”
— Nate to Dion
Dion“Later days, Shotgun.”
Nate“Later days, Dion.”
“I think I'm gonna text Dion, or is that too desperate?”
— Nate; Thong Song


The ship gained a small following after "Freaks and Greeks". Many pointing out how Dion was another man that Nate was possibly attracted to. Fans likes the bro-dynamic between the two and felt that it reminded them of SteelAtom's bromance slightly.

Most fans headcanon Nate as bi, and while enjoying Nate's bromance's feel that they cause him to fall under ambiguously bi. A trope that annoys many LGBT+ fans.



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