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Behrad“Dude! You just came back to life”
Nate“Something's wrong”
Behrad“Um, there was more pelvis in that hug than usual. It's all good Nate, dog. Love you too, bro”
Nate“Yeah, my bad, Behrad”
— Hey, World!

Naterad is the slash ship between Nate Heywood and Behrad Tomaz from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom.


Season 4

As Nate hugs Zari, she disappears and he pulls back to have her brother Behrad standing there instead. Behrad exclaims that Nate just came back to life. Nate feels that something is wrong, but Behrad ignores him comment and says that there was more pelvis in the hug than usual, but it's all good, and places his hand on Nate's shoulder. Nate apologizes, but says that there's something missing, before going over to Ray.

Season 5

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Fans started to joke that Nate and Behrad were together, when at the end of season 4 Zari was replaced with him, and the two had been dating. It was mostly a joke but some do see ship potential in their brief interaction.

Shipping picked up at the start of the season 5, quickly gaining fans with one episode.

On AO3, Naterad is the second most written relationship for Behrad.



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Time Bros refers to the ship between Nate, Behrad and Ray Palmer



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