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Behrad“Dude! You just came back to life”
Nate“Something's wrong”
Behrad“Um, there was more pelvis in that hug than usual. It's all good Nate, dog. Love you too, bro.”
Nate“Yeah, my bad, Behrad.”
— Hey, World!

Naterad is the slash ship between Nate Heywood and Behrad Tomaz from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom.


Season 4


As Nate hugs Zari, she disappears and he pulls back to have her brother Behrad standing there instead. Behrad exclaims that Nate just came back to life. Nate feels that something is wrong, but Behrad ignores him comment and says that there was more pelvis in the hug than usual, but it's all good, and places his hand on Nate's shoulder. Nate apologizes, but says that there's something missing, before going over to Ray.

Season 5

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Nate is lying on the inversion table, and admits that he's bummed that they let Sara down, but glad to have met Rasputin. He then asks for some help and Behrad uses the air totem to get him up. Nate tells him that Rasputing told him about the woman he loved before he died. It sounds crazy, but it feels right. Behrad suggests that Nate has soul searching to do, and asks if he wants to watch "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" again. Nate asks if he might have split memory, or partial amnesia, only to turn back and find Behrad on the inversion table. Behrad suggests that might be what's happening with Gideon. This either means that Nate is a computer with the same virus, or they changed the timeline when they made Heyworld. Behrad says that he has to tell Sara, but Nate tells him to stay on the table for five minutes. His back will thank him.

Nate waits with Behrad as he finishes up the last of his repairs on Gideon. He finishes and decides to turn in. He and Nate share a fist bump and say goodnight, and Behrad tells Nate not to stay up to late. Nate says he won't and Behrad heads to bed.


Behrad is about to use the memory wiper on Zari, when Nate stops him. He says that Behrad can't wipe Zari's memory, given the other timeline. Maybe being there will bring back memories. Behrad insists that he knows his sister, and she's always been who she is. Gideon then calls them to the bridge, and the two head there, but not before Behrad locks Zari in the lab.


While staking out Ghengis' hideout, Nate asks Behrad when he and Charlie hooked up. Behrad asks if it's that obvious, and Nate confirms so. Behrad admits that they got together after Heyworld, and Nate says that's nice. He then asks if Charlie shape-shifted, and Behrad asks if that's what he really wants to talk about. Nate says that he does, but they don't have to. He can tell that Charlie is affecting Behrad and tells him to talk. Behrad says that it's stupid, that she left without saying goodbye. Nate says that sucks, but being immortal she might have gotten tired of goodbye's. Behrad wanted her to text at least, when their prisoner in the back suggests that it wasn't about him. Nate says that he has a point, and tells Behrad to chin up. He's a catch and if there was a female version of him, Nate would date her. He points out that they don't know why Zari left, and he should just check his ego and ask her. Behrad says that he's right and thanks him. They do a quick handshake before Nate looks in the back and realizes that they're prisoner is gone.


As Ray is showing Behrad the ring he got for Nora, Nate runs in and tells him that Nora has arrived. He places his arm around Behrad and says that their work is done. They then start to back up and head back to the Waverider.

Behrad and Nate rush up to Ray as he exits the Waverider, and Nate asks when the bachelor party is. Ray explains that Damien Darhk came back from the dead, and can't let Sara interfere. Behrad says that they might be able to talks Sara out of it.

After talking to Nora, Ray join Nate and Behrad in the kitchen. Nate is surprised that Nora shut him down, and Behrad thinks that they're setting up a lifetime of lies by hiding Ray from Damien. When he visits, or when they have kids. Ray then asks if he's rushing things, and Nate yells yes. Behrad gives him a look and Nate admits that they couldn't say anything till Ray did. They then both each take one of Ray's hands. Nate says that it feels rushed, and Behrad points out that she hid him after the perfect dinner. Ray then realizes that the ring is still in the dessert.

While watching Mr. Parker Cul-De-Sac, Nate asks if Mr. Parker is getting drunk. Nate points out that he's done 4,000 hours of children's television and deserves it. Charlie then comes in and asks why they haven't paid any attention to the encore alarm. They then both bolt up and Behrad notices that it's at Constantine's house. Nate realizes that Ray is int trouble and Charlie tells them to go. Pippa says that she wants to go, and they all say no, but Pippa then just wishes them there.


Behrad figures out that Heyworld caused the timeline to change and that Zari is the point. Nate explains to her that she's been seeing temporal echo's, from before the timeline change. Behrad says this means that Zari was a Legends before the switch. She was probably the computer expert, and Nate points out that she and Behrad probably shared the totem. The boys then proclaim "Wonder Twins!" and give each other a high five. Behrad thinks that three of them probably hung out all the time.


As Zari worries about her boss coming over, there's a knock on the door. Behrad suggests that she might have come early, when Nate opens the door and comes in. Behrad is happy to see him, doing a horrible British accent. Zari asks why he's doing it and Nate tells them that he got an audition. He then fires the crossbow that he has and it explodes the glass of gray mush onto Behrad. He then goes to clean up and leaves Zari with Nate.

As original Zari tries to get answers out of Nate, Nate calls for Behrad and says that Zari might have hit her head. Behrad enters the room and thinks that she might have eaten a pot brownie, when there's a knock on the door. Nate pushes Zari into the closet as Behrad says they'll distract her boss. Zari gets out of the closet and says that they're on a tv show before finding a door. She asks what's behind the door, but Behrad doesn't know. Nate says that it never occured to them to open it. Zari opens the door and finds a whole other set on the otherside. She asks if they're coming, and they say that Buds stick together like glue before doing a handshake.

Behrad asks if they're on another TV show, and Nate agrees. They've gone from fun sitcom to BBC period piece. Zari suggests they play along, and that she and Behrad are aristocrats while Nate is their servant. Behrad laughs as Nate gives a small bow.


Meet the Legends

  • Nate, Behrad and Ray do their Time Bros handshake.
  • Nate and Behrad high five after Rasputin is defeated.
  • Behrad and Nate walk out of the theater thogether.
  • Behrad assures Nate that they're better off not being famous.
  • Nate finds the video of Zari getting switched with Behrad.

Slay Anything

  • Behrad follows Nate off the bridge.
  • Nate and Behrad are both disgusted at the term "teenage need".
  • Nate and Behrad have a group hug with the rest of the Legends.
  • Behrad and Nate gather the rest of the Legends for photo booth.
  • Nate and Behrad stand next to each other for photos.
  • Behrad, Nate and Ray do their time bros handshake.

A Head of Her Time

  • Behrad places his arm around Nate's shoulder.
  • Nate and Behrad go with Ava to help Zari.
  • Behrad and Nate tease Ava over Sara's call.

Mortal Khanbat

  • Behrad is impressed by Nate's scooter.
  • Nate figures out that Behrad and Charlie had sex.
  • Behrad gets annoyed at Nate wanting to get with Zari.

Mr. Parkers Cul-De-Sac

  • Nate and Behrad encourages Pippa to save the Legends.
  • Nate and Behrad are the groomsmen for Ray.
  • Behrad and Nate dance together at Ray and Nora's wedding.

Romeo v. Juliet: Dawn of Justness

  • Nate tells Behrad's part in his plan, and Behrad says that he doesn't dance like that.
  • Behrad tries to get Ray to tell Nate he's leaving.
  • Behrad laughs at Nate before throwing a man off of him.
  • Nate and Behrad high five after the fight.

Zari, Not Zari

  • Behrad pretends not to be disturbed by the idea of Nate and Zari hooking up.
  • Nate arrives on the bridge just after Behrad dies.
  • Nate tries to tell Zari what happened to Behrad.

The Great British Fake Off

  • Nate says that Charlie should have explained more before her sister killed Behrad.
  • Nate tells Zari he's there for her if she wants to talk about Behrad.
  • Zari tells Nate that she felt Behrad when using the totem.

Ship Broken

  • Nate chooses that they should save Behrad first.

I Am Legends

  • Nate assures Zari that they're going to get Behrad back.

The One Where We're Trapped on TV

  • Behrad and Nate watch the totem fly to Zari.
  • Behrad laughs at Nate's joke.
  • Behrad snaps for Nate to get up.
  • Nate and Behrad do their "Ultimate Buds" handshake.
  • Nate and Behrad say "why not" before making contact with the aliens.
  • Behrad has to process what it means that Nate fell in love with his sister in a timeline where she lived his same experiences.
  • Nate jumps at Behrad singing.

Thong Song

  • Behrad asks if The Smell were dead, and Nate points out that everyone's died at this point.
  • Nate and Behrad wrap their arms around each other as they walk.
  • Behrad does a cutoff motion to tell Nate not to text Dion.


Nate“I always thought of you as one of the guys.”
Ava“Okay, I don't know what that means.”
Behrad“He means it as a compliment.”
—A Head of Her Time
“B, chin up. You are a catch. If there was a female version of you, I would be all over her. Fact!”
— Nate; Mortal Kahnbat
“Guys, love that you're back together. And let's just say, I'm processing what it means that my best bro is in love with my sister, who lived my same experiences in a different timeline.”
— Behrad[1]

Behind the Scenes

“Looks like SaraSharpe 1231 just said, “I meant romantically with that Nate question.” So, will I mend his heart romantically? We'll have to talk to Nick Zano about that. We'll have to see if he- I'm about it. I'm into it. We can explore whatever we need to explore. We'll have to ask how he feels.”
— Shayan Sobhian[2]


Fans started to joke that Nate and Behrad were together, when at the end of season 4 Zari was replaced with him, and the two had been dating. It was mostly a joke but some did see ship potential in their brief interaction. Shipping picked up at the start of the season 5, quickly gaining fans with one episode. The ship continued to grow as the season went on, with non-shippers still enjoying their bro moments.

On AO3, Naterad is the second most written relationship for Behrad and the tenth most written for Nate. The ship has a more consistent following on Tumblr and Twitter, as the ship lends itself well to "bro-post" style content.


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Time Bros refers to the ship between Nate, Behrad and Ray Palmer



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