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Nathalix is the het ship between Alix Kubdel and Nathaniel Kurtzberg from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Alix and Nathaniel are students at Françoise Dupont High School, who are in the same class. Season one has the two having little interaction with each other outside of school, but there are times when both of them take part in some of the group activities, as well as a few kinds of group get togethers with the rest of their classmates. Like her race with Kim where Nathanial cheers Alix on, as well as them helping Nino to make his film before they both get captured by an akumatized villain.

While in the season two episode, "Reverser", they are shown to be very close friends who take part in an art club; as Alix is into street art, while most of Nathaniel's drawings are of a comic strip style. The episode also shows Alix to be a younger sister-like figure to Nathaniel, as she playfully teases Nathanial, sticks up for him, gives Nathanial her support, like when she tells him that he'll be able to meet someone who would want to make a comic book of his drawings with him, and listens to his problems when he needs comfort and advice from her. Like when he presumed that Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Marc had played a joke on him, Alix helps him to realize that Marinette isn't the kind of person who would do something like that, along with the fact that his dissepiment might had caused him to miss assume that was the case. Since Nathanial has misread situations before, while Alix's words help him to see that she is kindly right.

Once Alix learns from Ladybug and Cat Noir that Nathaniel is one of the main targets of an akumatized villain, she states that she wasn't going to sit on the sideline while her friend is in danger and wants to help them keep Nathaniel safe from Reverser. Which she does, as the superhero duo weren't themselves and needed help to defeat Reverser before he could use his abilities on Nathaniel. After Reverser was reverted back to Marc, Nathanial gives Alix a copy of the comic book he made with Marc. While Alix is pleased to see that her friend did find his letter for his comic drawings and couldn't wait to see the rest of their series.


Season Two


  • Alix asks Nathaniel to toss her red spry paint to which he happily obliges.
  • Nathaniel throws a scrunched up piece of paper at Alix as a way to tell her to "knock it off", after she playfully teases him.


“Don't worry buddy. There's gotta be somebody out there just waiting to meet you.”
— Alix to Nathaniel in "Reverser"
“[Nathaniel] likes to draw people in skinny suits.”
— Alix playfully teasing Nathaniel in "Reverser"
“It looks like to me you’re gonna need a helping hand. [...] Nathaniel is my friend. I’m not dropping him.”
— Alix to Ladybug and Cat Noir in "Reverser"


Soon after "Reverser" aired, fans fell in love with Alix and Nathaniel's friendship and a few began to ship them. Though some did ship the two before episode aired. The growing popularity of Marcaniel, however, might be the reason why Nathalix isn't very popular itself, but still has a few loyal supporters.

On AO3, the ship has 16 fanfics. A few of the ship's fanart, on Tumblr and DeviantART, has them as their akumatized selves, or wear clothes that are similar to their villain forms, which is commonly seen in ML's popular Breakdancing AU and a few other AUs.



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  • Nathaniel and Alix are seen in the same "photo" together in the season two/three opening.





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