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Neau is the femslash ship between Veth Brenatto and Beauregard Lionett from the Critical Role fandom.


A Show of Scrutiny

Beau brings her attention back to Nott and asks about the traveling and the mask. Fjord clarrifies that it's because they find themselves in a predicament. Nott says that they're just passing through, but Beau doesn't believe her. Caleb points out that they would move because Nott is a goblin, but Beau says that people who move around a lot tend to be doing it for a reason. Caleb says that she wears the mask to hide that she's a goblin, but Beau is more focused on the travel thing. Nott explains that they've had bad luck, and she also sometimes gets the urge to steal things.

Beau tries to see if there's something suspicious about Nott as she takes Jester's money. After finishing the demonstation of the money pot, Nott tells Beau that she has questions for her. Like, how Beau knows halfling. Beau explains that her parents worked in the wine business, and halflings really like wine. Nott says that everyone likes wine, which Beau agrees with. She says that she worked the books and it kinda forced her to learn halfing since she was around it a lot. Nott asks what town that is, and Beau says it's a bit further and it's called Kamordah. Nott says that she's never heard of it, and Beau says that it's no big deal since it's a small farming town. Nott says that there's nothing shady about Beau then, and Beau says that she's just a traveler like everyone else.


Curious Beginnings

  • Beau says hi to Nott and offers to buy her coffee.
  • Beau notices Caleb and Nott whispering.
  • Beau notices that Nott isn't exactly a Halfling.
  • Caleb accidentally tells Beau that Nott is a goblin.
  • Beau grapples Nott as she tries to attack Jester.
  • Beau asks Nott if she made her mask.
  • Beau and Jester warn Nott and Caleb to stay away from the Baumbauch's.
  • Jester and Beau encourage Nott and Caleb to join them at the Carnival.
  • Beau tells Nott that she should stop saying that she's a "little girl".

A Show of Scrutiny

  • Beau knows that Nott is lying.
  • Beau asks Nott about the mask.
  • Beau double checks to make sure Nott didn't take their stuff.
  • Beau asks why Nott steals stuff, and Nott admits that she just likes collecting.
  • Beau tells Nott and Caleb not to break anything.
  • Beau points out that Nott will most likely get blamed for everything that happened.


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Neau is a smaller, lesser known/popular pairing in the Critical Role fandom. This is not due to their lack of interactions, but their nature. They also both tend to get shipped with other characters more. Beau's rival ships are those with Jester and Yasha, and Veth's rival ships are those with Caleb and Yeza.



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Chaos Crew refers to the ship between Nott, Beau and Jester Lavorre


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