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“Come on, you creepy-ass stalker! You want S.T.A.R.S.!? I’ll give you S.T.A.R.S.!”
— Jill, fed up with Nemesis, Resident Evil 3.

Nemestine is the non-binary ship between Jill Valentine and Nemesis from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)

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Resident Evil 3 (2020)

In September 1998, Umbrella had gotten word of a t-virus outbreak happening in Raccoon City. They began shipping B.O.Ws over to the city in order to take advantage of the crisis. One of the Nemesises was deployed via helicopter and given the instructions to kill any Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S) members, of whom it was shown photographs of so they could be recognized.

Nemesis smashes through Jill’s apartment.

Jill has her first run in with the Nemesis when it smashes through her apartment wall. Reaching for her handgun, she makes several head shots, though to no avail. Nemesis throws her to the ground and Jill is able to crawl away enough that she can get up and run out the front door. Running for an unlocked neighboring apartment, Jill is able to escape through an open window out into the infected city. She runs back inside, only to be met again by her pursuer, crashing through the ceiling. Jill crawls way when Nemesis holds onto her with one if its tentacles. Finding a piece of broken glass, Jill slices through, releasing its hold on her. Nemesis picks up a large piece of concrete as Jill starts to run down a long hallway. Jill bursts through an exit door back outside when Nemesis is blocked off by falling debris. Outside, Jill is met with fellow S.T.A.R.S member Brad Vickers. Jill asks what that thing was, though he is not sure. What he does know is that the Nemesis has a “hard on for the two S.T.A.R.S members left in town,” meaning him and Jill.

Nemesis continues to stalk Jill after the car explodes.

A short time later, Jill, without Brad, is instructed by a helicopter pilot to head for the nearby roof top parking area. Once making it up there, the helicopter is brought down by Nemesis who has still been hunting Jill. Jill finds a car, starts it up and proceeds to ram into Nemesis, yelling, “It’s my turn, bitch!” Jill drives over the roof, crashing down to the streets below. In the flipped over car, Jill sees Nemesis stand up and stalk for her. A weak Jill crawls out of the car as the car explodes. Nemesis walks through the fire with ease as he inches closer. A man, Carlos Oliveira, yells at Nemesis, before blasting it with a rocket. Nemesis falls to its knees and the Carlos runs to help Jill.

Sometime later, as Jill is making her way for the traffic control system upon instruction from Carlos in order to help survivors in the subway station, Jill is walking when Nemesis bursts through a brick wall, grunting out, “S.T.A.R.S…” Jill yells in frustration and is able to evade it for a bit before it finds her again. Jill is able to turn on the traffic control system, programming in a route for the subway. She runs back for the subway station with Nemesis chasing after her. As Jill makes it for the station, she closes the gate, shutting Nemesis out.

It isn’t long before Nemesis gets inside the station. Carlos sees it before Jill does, giving Jill a heads up. She is able to fake out Carlos as she closes another gate between them. Jill runs deeper into the station, yelling, “Come on you creepy-ass stalker! You want S.T.A.R.S.!? I’ll give you S.T.A.R.S.!” Jill fights with Nemesis, though is able to run and evade it again, taking refuge in the sewer area.

Nemesis picks Jill up out of the sewers.

As Jill exits the sewers, Nemesis shows up, gripping her by her head and throwing her to the ground. It takes aim, allowing Jill a moment to stand up and start running. Nemesis chases Jill up a building undergoing constriction. At the roof top, Jill and Nemesis are engaged in battle. Attacking it enough times, Nemesis falls over as its flamethrower pack ignites. Jill is forced to go over the edge to avoid being caught up in the explosion.

Nemesis hunts Jill with rockets.

Street level, Jill is making her way back for the subway station when Nemesis lands behind her. Pulling out a rocket launcher, it begins to fire, forcing Jill to doge the attacks. When Nemesis drops down to its knees, Jill starts to run again. It catches back up to her, firing another rocket, knocking her down. Jill is radioed by Carlos to come back to the station where he has something that can “slow that fucker down”. With Carlos’ help from the claymore bomb he planted, Nemesis is blown into a tanker truck, where the truck is then blown.

A short time later, Jill is boarding the subway train. Not long into their journey, Nemesis finds her again. Jill begins to charge it, when Carlos’ captain, Mikhail Viktor, holds her back. She starts to run back for another train car, only to be blocked by another passenger, Nicholai Ginovaef. Bomb in hand, Mikhail is grabbed by Nemesis, exploding the train car. Jill seems to be the only survivor of the derailing. Street level, Jill hears Nemesis in the distance. She eventually sees it burning and flailing, before going over into a river and sinking. Seeing this, Jill comments, “Bitch can’t even swim.”

Jill and Nemesis battle in the courtyard.

A few minutes later, stage 2 mutated Nemesis launches itself out of the river, chasing Jill into a courtyard where they battle. Jill is able to win, where she begins to make her way to Carlos when Nemesis surprises her by gripping her leg. Seeing a gate and chain above her, Jill shoots the chain, releasing the gate onto its arm. Nemesis grows back another appendage, stabbing Jill through the arm with a dart-like spear. Jill convulses on the ground where Nicholai reveals him from the other side of the gate.

Nemesis chases Jill in the NEST 2 hallway.

The following day, Jill is saved by Carlos. Carlos heads into the underground facility, NEST 2, beneath the Spencer Memorial Hospital before Jill wakes up. Upon waking up, Jill goes after him where she is found again by Nemesis. Jill is able to evade it by closing a steel door before it can reach her.

Nemesis grips Jill in NEST 2.

Having successfully made the vaccine, Jill is found by Nemesis. It wraps a tentacle around her throat, forcing Jill to stab it for it to release her. Jill falls over a railing and starts running, where she crawls through a short vent. Nemesis again picks her up by its tentacle. Jill shoots at a nearby tank, the explosion causing her release. Not giving up, Nemesis goes after her again, gripping Jill’s leg. Jill crawls and pulls away, being able to free herself again. As Jill rides an elevator-like platform up, she watches the room below burn and explode.

Not long after, Jill is found again, with Nemesis charging through a steel door, running and leaping, causing the stair case she’s on to fall. As Jill hangs on, Nicholai shows up. Nicholai makes a “deal” with Jill that she’s going to fight with Nemesis for Nicholai to sell the combat data. He kicks her down to where Nemesis is waiting below in the dissolving tank, kicking off their battle.

With helps from Carlos, Jill is able take down Nemesis enough. As Jill looks up to where Carlos is, Carlos lowers a crane for Jill to climb onto. Nemesis however starts to get back up. Carlos yells for Jill to stay back as he slams the crane into Nemesis. Jill holds onto the rising crane as Nemesis is melted in acid Carlos had dumped into the area. Unloading off the crane, Jill is met by Nicholai withholding the vaccine she made prior. Jill begins a chase when suddenly a stage 3 Nemesis oozes out before her in a giant mass. Jill yells for Carlos to go after Nicholai, telling him that “she’s got this”. As Carlos runs off, Jill confronts Nemesis, by yelling, “Look, just so you know? This is the last fucking time.”

Jill destroying Nemesis.

Jill finds a large electric gun, though upon learning that it needs to charge after each hit, Jill settles in the routine of attacking it herself and with the weapon once it’s charged and powered. Nemesis falls over to Jill’s height, allowing her to take the gun and place it in its mouth, exploding it from the inside out, destroying Nemesis for good. With that, Jill leaves.


“What the hell is that thing?!”
— Jill, upon seeing Nemesis for the first time, Resident Evil 3.
“It’s my turn, bitch!”
— Jill, ramming into Nemesis with a car, Resident Evil 3.
“Come on, you creepy-ass stalker! You want S.T.A.R.S.!? I’ll give you S.T.A.R.S.!”
— Jill, fed up with Nemesis, Resident Evil 3.
“Bitch can’t even swim.”
— Jill, upon seeing a burning Nemesis fall over into a river, Resident Evil 3.
“So it’s called the “Nemesis”.”
— Jill, upon reading the “Expression of Concern” file, Resident Evil 3.
“Look, just so you know? This is the last fucking time.”
— Jill, during her and Nemesis’ final battle, Resident Evil 3.


Nemestine is seen as merely a fun ship to play around with, as Nemisis is a series of experimental B.O.Ws with the intent of killing Jill and any other S.T.A.R.S members. Jill and Nemisis are a hero/villain ship.



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  • Upon reading the “Expression of Concern” file, Jill discovers that the Nemesis is called “Nemesis”.[1]





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