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Nesscas is the slash ship between Ness and Lucas from the EarthBound and Super Smash Bros. fandom.


Ness and Lucas never interact with each other within their games, only meeting each other with their Super Smash Bros appearances.

In Brawl's story mode, Subspace Emissary, Lucas is running away from the King P. statue, but trips and falls. Just as the statue is about to crush him, in comes Ness, who destroys the statue and saves Lucas. Inside the statue is Porky, who Ness and Lucas then fight together. Afterwards, Wario attempts to trophicate Lucas while he's unguarded, but Ness notices and pushes him out of the way just in time. As a result, Wario gets away with the trophy version of Ness. After helping Pokemon Trainer in defeating some Primids, Lucas follows after them, determined to save Ness.

In Brawl's Solo Event 21: "Visit to Onett", Lucas fights Ness on the Onett stage. In Co-op Event 9: Those Who Wait in Onett, Lucas and Ness team up against Luigi and Yoshi on the Onett stage. In Lucas' Classic Mode of Smash Ultimate, he faces off against Ness in Magicant for his first battle. In Ness' Classic Mode, he fights Lucas in New Pork City for his second battle. In Smash, Ness and Lucas both know PSI Magnet, PK Fire and PK Thunder, as well as PK Starstorm which they use in their Final Smashes.

As for similarities between the two, Ness and Lucas are both young boys who act as the protagonists of their respective games. Both wear shorts and a striped t-shirt, with their outfits using the primary colours red, yellow, and blue. Both have PSI abilities, and some of the same ones, specifically Lifeup, Healing, Flash, Shields, and their own signature attack named after their favourite things. Both Ness and Lucas have a sibling and a dog.


Despite never interacting in the EarthBound universe, Nesscas is the most popular ship in the fandom. Its popularity is largely due to their interactions in Brawl, as well as the similarities between them. They are most often shipped within the Smash universe, as they are shown to exist at the same time. The ship is subject to controversy on whether they should be shipped together based on their placements in the MOTHER timeline, and the fact that they are kids. As a result, some much rather prefer the two as a friendship.



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  • One of Lucas's possible head equipment is the Red Hat, a baseball cap that looks like the one Ness wears.
  • While Lucas uses sticks as his weapon, he can also equip a baseball bat in New Pork City as a reference to Ness's main weapon.




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