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Newmann is the slash ship between Newton Gottlieb and Herman Geiszler from the Pacific Rim fandom.


Pacific Rim

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Hermann and Newton accompany Pentecost, Mako Mori and Raleigh in the elevator down to the lower levels. When Newton rolls his sleeves up, Raleigh notices he has a tattoo of Yamarashi. Newton enthusiastically describes admiration for the Kaiju's strength and his desire to see one up close as Hermann dismisses him as a "Kaiju groupie".


Newt arrives at the PPCD as a member of Shao Corporations. Herman runs up to him and asks for his assistance in one of the experiments he's working on. They arrive at his lab, where Herman starts to explain what he needs help on. He believes he found a solution to get the Jaegar's to Kaiju faster. Newt looks over the notes and tells him that there isn't a fuel source good enough. Herman believes that they could use Kaiju blood. Newt tells him it's a bad idea, and irrelevant given that the drones will likely be taking over. Herman asks if Newt is going to help him. Newt says they could talk it over dinner at his place, but Herman needs a solution and nothing more. Newt gets a call on his watch and tells him it was nice catching up. As he leaves Herman stops and tells him he still has nightmare's from what they saw in the Kaiju brain. Newt does as well, but it was worth the rush.

Shao asks what Newt's relationship with Herman is and he tells her that they used to share a lab together. She doesn't want him speaking to him anymore, and Newt tries to defend that Herman is harmless and they barely see each other to begin with.



  • Newt reminds Herman that they've been inside each other's heads.


The pairing quickly dominated the fandom. Many drawn to the two sharing most of their screen time together. Rarely interacting with others.

On AO3 it is the most written ship for both characters. As well as the most written ship in the Pacific Rim tag.



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