Newtmas is the slash ship between Newt and Thomas from the The Maze Runner fandom.


There are many moments that show that Newtmas may be a canon ship; one of the more noticeable ones being when Thomas grabs Newt's hand the minute he hears a gunshot. The two protect each other and support each other through thick and thin.


A large part of this ship is fanon because there is only evidence that supports the friendship part of the ship. It is a ship however because Newt directly calls Thomas his best friend and they spend a lot of time together. The actors (Dylan O'Brien and Thomas Brodie Sangster) nearly shared a kiss while they were filming The Maze Runner Together. Dylan however, chickened out of it.

This is a huge ship in The Maze Runner fandom because of their strong relationship and because of Newt's tragic ending.



Newt/Thomas tag on AO3


  • The actor who plays Newt actually wrote the heartfelt letter to Thomas by himself, to make it more emotional.
  • The two actors nearly shared a kiss on set.
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