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“Safety's overrated. I'm with you”
— Niylah to Octavia

Niytavia is the femslash ship between Octavia and Niylah from the The 100 fandom.



Niylah and Octavia meet briefly at Niylah's trading post where Octavia trades something for clothes. After Octavia's nearly killed by Echo, she makes it to Arkadia with help from Ilian and wakes up with Niylah tending to her. Niylah assists an ailing Octavia as they search for Ilian in Arkadia. They find him, but to no avail as they can't convince him to stand down. Ilian sets all the electronic equipment aflame and it explodes, knocking Niylah and Octavia unconscious. In the rubble Octavia calls out to Niylah who doesn't answer, but Ilian saves them both.

As they emerge, Bellamy takes Octavia and Clarke Niylah, who insists that Clarke go tend to Octavia. After the fire, Octavia recuperates and Niylah provides her with physical therapy. When Niylah takes refuge in the bunker with Spacekru she and Octavia cross paths and Niylah is the one to give Octavia the fateful book that later serves as Octavia's template for becoming Blodreina/The Red Queen. Octavia protects Niylah when people want her out of the bunker as she's a Grounder.


In the years following Praimfaya, Niylah becomes loyal to Octavia through and through, while Octavia slowly sacrifices her humanity to keep Wonkru alive. The harsh reality of starvation encroaching faster than anticipated and the subsequent cannibalism changes everyone's relationship with death, as the fighting pit punishment turns out to be the most viable source of "food".


Niylah, as is her nature, remains an impartial bystander to the tyranny of Blodreina and the horrors of Wonkru's life in the bunker. Although she is loyal to Octavia, the latter displays little sentiment for anyone, but at times Niylah and Indra, who knew her before the age of Blodreina. They all continue this path as a means of survival, from whence it started, until Bellamy negotiates Eligius opening the bunker. The roles that have been put in place the last six years stay intact, as Niylah defers to Octavia over her former lover, Clarke, to inform Octavia of the existence of a Natblida.


The ship is not common, though not a rare pair and was possibly quickly established as Niylah had a previous sexual relationship with a woman — Clarke. The ship took off when Niylah tended to Octavia, as a wounded Octavia, following near-death fight with Echo, had willed herself to Arkadia to warn of an impending attack.



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