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Noah's Arc is the slash ship between Jaune Arc and Neptune Vasilias from the RWBY fandom.


Neptune and Jaune first meet in RWBY volume 2 in the chapter where everyone was at the library. Jaune is initially annoyed when he attempts to flirt with Weiss, when his own attempts had failed miserably. Weiss immediately becomes attracted to Neptune, which causes a slight rivalry between the two for her affections. Despite the ongoing rivalry, Jaune still finds Neptune to be extremely cool, unlike himself. Later Jaune is seen about to ask Weiss to the dance when he notices her approach Neptune, to which he hides behind a pillar and watches.

She then shyly asks Neptune if he would go to the dance with her, with Neptune awkwardly scratching his head. This devastates Jaune and leaves before he can hear Neptune give her his answer. Later, at the dance Jaune finds out through Ruby that Neptune had rejected Weiss. Jaune becomes extremely offended by this fact since he feels Neptune hurt Weiss deeply. Jaune then tracks down Neptune and the two then go to talk outside. Neptune then reveals to Jaune that he actually can't dance, and that his cool and confident personality is actually just a facade he uses to hide his flaws and insecurities.

Jaune is initially shocked that Neptune couldn't dance and that he would go to such great lengths to hide that fact. Neptune then tells Jaune that if he has feelings for Weiss that he can have her. Jaune perplexed, then gives Neptune some advice, and tells him to just be himself around Weiss. Neptune then thanks Jaune and calls him cool, while giving him a fistbump. He then later on tells Weiss that she has some pretty good friends looking out for her, refering to Jaune as they watch him dance with Pyrrha.


During a Q&A Miles Luna (Jaune's VA and one of RWBY's lead creators) was asked about male romantic partners for Jaune, and he said that he thought Neptune and Jaune would work very well as a couple. This brought the ship to a lot of people's minds for the first time, when previously it had been more of a rarepair. Some fans are attracted to the encouraging dynamic between the two of them. Althoughbecause the two haven't spoken to each other in a long time, it has waned quite a bit in popularity over the years. Noah's Arc has a small fanbase on tumblr.



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  • "Noah's Arc" comes from Jaune's surname being Arc and Neptune being the god of the sea.


Martial Sharcs — the ship between Lie Ren, Jaune Arc, and Neptune Vasilias


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