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Noemine is the femslash ship between Noelle and Lumine from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Noelle and Lumine don't have frequent interactions but in the Hangout Event, there are 6 endings for Noelle's Hangout Event. In the canon timeline/Archon Quests currently, both of them haven't met. Only in the Hangouts Event.

Hangout Event

Lumine first meets Noelle outside of Mondstadt, Noelle asked to have some guidance on her Chivalric Training due to the fact Lumine is the Honorary Knight.

Chivalric Training

"Goodbye, Miss Maid!"

While in their first meeting, Lumine told Noelle that becoming a knight is not okay. Although Noelle wanted to be a knight still but Lumine told her that being a maid is a respectable position, Lumine also says that she wants to be a maid as well. Noelle thought she was joking but she said that she was constantly running errands, Noelle thought again that Lumine would ever be busy with powerful enemies like Stormterror. After they had their conversation, Lumine followed Noelle back to Mondstadt but came across someone crying for help.

Noelle 1st Ending.png

They went to the person who was crying and he introduces himself as Alois, he ran into savage monsters on the way when he wanted to go back at Liyue he said. Noelle decided to escort him to Mondstadt. Lumine said to the guard that Noelle will keep an eye on him, Noelle gave Alois a little tour in Mondstadt, at the end. Alois was now leaving. Noelle said that he'll escort him but Lumine said no need so Alois left on his own.

A Cold Reception

The half of thing, in the beginning, happens just as "Goodbye, Miss Maid!", although Lumine says that she'll be the one to keep an eye on Alois. After taking Alois on a little tour in Mondstadt, Alois was now leaving.

Noelle 2nd ending.png

Noelle said that he'll escort him but Lumine said that she'll be the one to do it, after Lumine made Alois go away, she went back to Noelle who was waiting at the gates of Mondstadt. Lumine told Noelle everything, Noelle was a bit worried since she might not become a knight because of that.

A Maid Above Ground

At the start again of their first meeting, Lumine says Of course to Noelle to have some guidance on her Chivalric Training. Lumine told her that she lacks strength, Noelle thought she was already strong because Mr. Huffman said so. Noelle had an idea which is to go where Ellin usually trains, Noelle said Hi to Ellin and asked if Ellin had some spare training dummies. Ellin knew how to arrange the training dummies so after she finished arranging them, Noelle started destroying the training dummies in all one go. After Noelle was finished, Lumine said she had incredible strength. Although Noelle said no matter how hard she trains, she can never pass the selection trials. She couldn't figure it out, Lumine said that she needed more strength that's why. Lumine then told her that she uses her sword for mining all over Teyvat, so Noelle decided to try the method out. Lumine and Noelle came to a mining site so Noelle started mining the ores around and they continued to find more ores but they came across a Mitachurl, Noelle defeated the Mitachurl but there was a rockfall. The both of them took a closer look, they asked Belinda about it and Noelle said that she'll destroy the rocks.

Noelle 3rd ending.png

After Noelle destroyed the rocks, there was a Stonehide Lawachurl. After Noelle defeated the Stonehide Lawachurl, she continued to mine all the ores. After she mined every ore, Lumine said that Noelle wasn't kidding about her strength and was impressed. Noelle then completed the training she then said "..Next time, let's mine together!".

A Defender's Will Is Their Strength

The beginning was the same as A Maid Above Ground but when Noelle finished destroying the training dummies, Lumine said she had incredible strength. Although Noelle said no matter how hard she trains, she can never pass the selection trials. She couldn't figure it out, Lumine said that she lacks real-world fighting experience. Lumine suggests she should defeat some slimes that are around Mondstadt, Noelle said yes so Noelle went a fought slimes, while Noelle was finding more slimes, Noelle came across an Eye of The Storm. Noelle tried to defeat but failed.

Noelle 4th ending.png

Noelle said that she should avoid enemies that she finds difficult and consider the power of teamwork, Noelle had an idea and said that Master Jean said that there was hilichurl camp nearby, that often attacks traveling merchants so Noelle and Lumine tried to find the hilichurl camp nearby. Noelle heard someone screaming her name and so she went closer and found hilichurls attacking a person so Noelle defeated them off. Noelle talked to the person who was being attacked, the person's name was Henning, and thanked her for saving him.

A Conundrum Called Love

At the beginning of their conversation, Lumine says that she lacks rest. Lumine tells her that a true knight needs sufficient rest, Noelle gets it since Lisa always has an afternoon tea in the library. Lumine said "And speaking of tea, let's have some!", Noelle said okay and the both of them went to Mondstadt but Noelle came across Beatrice calling out her name. Noelle asked what she needed and Beatrice said that she noticed Quinn was in a bad mood, so she called him for a chat and a date. Noelle was surprised that Beatrice said a date she guesses, it can be assumed that Noelle has never experienced what a date is. Noelle asked if Lumine can do this, Lumine said she'll certainly do her best.

Noelle 5th ending.png

Noelle and Lumine cooked food for Beatrice to give to Quinn, after that Lumine said "Now then, let's take a break...". After Noelle and Lumine took a break, they went to Beatrice to see if Beatrice now went on a date with Quinn. Although it failed since Noelle didn't have enough experience about the subject "love" so Noelle went to the Knights of Favonius library to take a look at the subject "love", Lumine went with Noelle as well. They end up sitting next to each other as Noelle reads and Lumine watches with interest.

Whisper of the Paper Rose

The beginning is the same thing except when Noelle and Lumine went to brought gifts that Beatrice could give it to Quinn. When Noelle and Lumine went to Majorie's store, Majorie saw Lumine and Noelle together and said that she has barely seen Noelle in someone else's company. When Noelle said she took a day-off with Lumine, Majorie said How wonderful! That's something to celebrate. Majorie thought Noelle was picking a gift for Lumine but Lumine said that they were actually helping someone else choosing a gift. Majorie said that no need to be shy, no denying it though. Noelle said stop teasing and that she and Lumine don't have that kind of relationship. After all the teasing, Noelle and Lumine brought the Frostening Bottle. Lumine then gave Beatrice the Frostening Bottle as for the gift that Beatrice will give to Quinn, Beatrice forgot to set a date up so she asked if Noelle can do it and Noelle said yes. After picturing the areas, Noelle and Lumine told Beatrice about it and said Windrise.

Noelle 6th ending.png

Although Beatrice said it was a cliché, Noelle was surprised by that. After Beatrice left, Noelle thought that Windrise was popular. Noelle said she found a book about it, Lumine said that would she like to go there and Noelle said sure. After that, they now went to Windrise. Lumine told Noelle that she already possesses the greatest qualities of a knight. Noelle then thanked her for it. Noelle provides a flower to the traveler as a thank you. While Noelle does not understand the meaning of a rose, she wishes to savor the day and keep it within their hearts forever.

Knightly Exam Prep

Rest Amidst the Rocks

Lumine then first meets Noelle again at the Knights of Favonius library, Noelle seemed didn't looked so good so Lumine then asked her if she was alright, into which. Noelle answered that a upcoming exam was coming so she was trying to prepare for the exam. Lumine then asked if she could help her, into which Noelle answered that she can take care by it herself. Noelle then answered that the exam will be coming half a year yet. Lumine tells Noelle that she is pushing herself too hard will only affect her exam performance. Lumine then tells her to relieve her anxiety first, Lumine then answered Noelle by going on a trip to Liyue. Noelle and Lumine then went to Liyue Harbor and went to Wanmin Restaurant for the eating. After eating, they then go to the Harbor Route.

Noemine Act 2 Ending.jpg

They then came across a Millelith named Sha'yin. Sha'yin told that there were enemies so he asked the both if they can help and defeat them, when Sha'yin told that Lumine was able to defeat an ancient god, Noelle was surprised that Lumine was able to defeat Stormterror and an ancient god. Going to Stone Gate, they then came across Treasure Hoarders, Lumine then stand by and watch Noelle as she tells her so. Noelle was able to defeat the Treasure Hoarders all by herself. Noelle then tells Lumine that she wants to visit to a place yet before they go back. When they went to the place that Noelle wants to go, it was a tea stall, Noelle then asked Lumine if she would care to join her for some tea. Into which Lumine agreed so.

“The Maid-Knight’s Tale”

Noelle and Lumine then headed to Third-Round Knockout, Noelle then helped the storyteller to get inspirations/ideas so Noelle and Lumine then went to the hilichurl camp in the city's outskirt. When heading there, Noelle then cleans up the hilichurl camp, after cleaning the hilichurl camp, the hilichurls then came so Noelle then had to defeat them off.

Noemine Act 2 Ending 2.jpg

The storyteller was able to get inspirations/ideas so the storyteller then left. Noelle told Lumine that she had a bad feeling that the story will be bad so they then went back to Liyue Harbor and went to Third-Round Knockout, the both then listened to the story. As the story progresses, Noelle seemed mad about the story so Noelle then told Lumine that she will tell the storyteller too rewrite the story, but Lumine tells her that the audience weren't taking it too serious.

Perfect Score

After Lumine meets Noelle in the library preparing for the exam, Noelle asks Lumine where she can go to take an exam, and Lumine gives her an idea, which Noelle decides to agree with since it was suggested by her, causing the two to head to The Adventurers Guide. After the two are done talking with Katheryne, they head somewhere else. Noelle decides to give the test exam by Cyrus a try, with Lumine helping her.

Noemine “Perfect Score”.webp

After passing all three questions, they head to good hunter and Lumine helps her once again. Lastly, the three head to a cliff and Noelle fights a a ruin guard. Once Noelle is done, she happily says she did it and Lumine says its the result of her hard work, while Noelle disagrees saying it’s because Lumine is with her, thanking her multiple times. However, since Cyrus ends up begging for Noelle to join the Adventures Guide, Lumine grabs Noelle's hand, and runs away from him together.

Points Deducted

Similar to “Perfect Score” however Noelle ends up not getting a perfect score. In the first part of the test exam, Noelle ends up getting two, or all of the questions wrong.

Noemine Points Deducted.webp

When they meet at the cliff to fight the ruin guard, Lumine and Noelle also may end up not beating it, making Noelle discouraged, however Lumine says she'll be there on day of the real exam for Noelle while Noelle hopes things will be better. After Cyrus tells them her results, Lumine and Noelle head back to the library.

The One and Only Noelle

Work Made for a Maid

Noelle's Birthday Mail

“I was in the middle of my chivalric training today when I received a bouquet of fresh flowers from the citizens of Mondstadt. Master Jean said that it was a token of gratitude from everyone and wished me a happy birthday. I don't expect anyone to repay me for my help, but I am moved that they remembered me because of that. I feel like I've improved a little compared to last year... But I'm still far from becoming your reliable shield. This is one of my dreams. I need to try harder for your sake! I can't wait to show you the fruits of my determination! Just wait until my next birthday!”
— Noelle's first birthday mail
“I haven't let up a moment in the past year. Whether as a maid helping those around me or in my daily training, I strive to be the best I can be. Still, there are times when I do feel like I can't go on anymore... At times like these, I look to the stars. The thought of you, far more brilliant than me, persevering somewhere under the night sky makes me feel like my fatigue is not worth mentioning. The day has finally come and it feels a little earlier than expected. I admit that I feel slightly nervous but not as much as I am excited. Now, I can finally show you the fruits of my labor. I hope you'll be here to see it!”
— Noelle's second birthday mail


Paimon“It's time for Paimon's Little Life Tips!”
Lumine“Little Life Tips?”
Paimon“In Mondstadt, if there's something you can't fix or there's something you can't get clean, no matter what you do... If you ever run into something you can't handle yourself, you just need to shout this name into the skies: Noeeeelle! And everything that's troubling you will be swept away in an instant.”
Lumine“So this is one of the tricks to living in Mondstadt? Pretty impressive...”
— Lumine's Voiceline about the "Wondermaid"


Noemine is a small ship and yet, a rare pair among the Genshin Impact fandom. But it is increasing its popularity slowly, Noemine also became a meme once some of the endings were leaked in the 1.4 update, along with Bennetther. There are only about 17 Fanfictions on Archive of Our Own.



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