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“You want her? Then you're gonna have to go through me!”
— Noel

Noerah is the het ship between Noel Kreiss and Serah Farron from the Final Fantasy fandom.


Final Fantasy XIII-2

Noel meets Serah in 3AF(3 years after Cocoon's Fall) when Lightning sends the two on a quest through time to prevent the end of the world. At first, Serah is wary of Noel, but quickly trusts him after he mentions his encounter with Lightning and purpose of being in New Bodhum. After saying her goodbyes, Serah and Noel leave through a time gate to start on their journey to correct the timeline and save the world from ending.

After defeating Caius in Valhalla, Noel and Serah return and land safely on top of Sazh's ship where they watch the last time gate disappear as the timeline corrects itself. Noel asks Serah if she's alright and she reassures him she's fine. Looking over Academia, Serah begins to thank Noel but starts having another vision. Noel is helpless to watch and catches Serah as the vision ends, lowering both himself and her to the ground and screaming her name.

Hope arrives from his own airship and, seeing Noel cradling Serah's body, is confused as he thought everything had been okay. Noel explains that the future changed again, and Serah had a vision that ended up killing her. He laments not being able to protect her, thinking that he had.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Noel does not grieve over Serah's death, having now grown despondent to the state of the world. They do not interact together and Noel only mentions her twice: once when asking Lightning to save Serah on the last day, and once when shouting her name as she rejoins the group. Serah, in turn, never mentions Noel. Even during the finale when the group reunites, they are the only two characters that do not talk to each other.


“We have to stick together Noel. I've got no one else I can count on but you.”
— Serah
“I wanted to protect [Serah] ... I thought I had. I thought she was safe!”
— Noel
“I've made up my mind. I'm staying here with you Noel, in this time. I can't let the world be destroyed.”
— Serah, Paradox Ending: A Giant Mistake


Due to Noel’s status as a potential Guardian, the protector of the seeress, and Caius’ status as the Yeuls’ eternal Guardian; fans like to portray Noel as Serah’s Guardian, sometimes incorporating aspects of Caius’ role such as remembering her visions.

After the release of Lightning Returns, fans became disgruntled at the apparent lack of concern for Serah that Noel exhibited to the point it seemed he forgot about her completely. Some have called it out of character and turned to fan fiction.

On AO3 it is the second most written ship for Noel and the second most written ship for Serah.

Noerah is the fourth most written ship in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 tag, the seventh most written in the LR: Final Fantasy XIII tag, and the tenth most written ship in the Final Fantasy XIII Series tag.



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