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Nordic Winter is the femslash ship between Nora Valkyrie and Weiss Schnee from the RWBY fandom.


In the beginning of the show Weiss and Nora didn't really think too highly of each other, which was mainly because of how different their personalities were. Yet, their teams would still hang out with each other and eat lunch together. They both also cooperated together in the forest, during the initiation process. Nora and her team also watched Weiss and Yang fight against team fnki. They then both fought together during the battle of Beacon.

In volume 5, Nora seems happy to see Weiss again, and they even sit next to each other in "Rest and Resolutions". During dinner, Nora doesn't believe Weiss when she says she summoned a Boarbatusk and ruined her father's SDC cocktail party. Weiss then proceeds to summon one near Nora and it scares her. Later, Weiss appears mildly annoyed when Nora jokes about her old nickname and her having a warm heart. She smiles though and sarcastically tells them that she "so" did not miss them. She then gets annoyed when Nora challenges Yang to an arm wrestling match.

In volume 8 chapter 2, When Nora asks Weiss how the tubes at the sdc facility work, weiss explains if you just sit back in the tube and press launch, then Nora proceeds to do so and ends up sending Weiss through a tube suddenly. In the next episode Weiss is seen pulling Nora's ear for that with Nora exclaiming ow! and sorry. Later, when Nora confesses to her and Blake that she didn't know who she was without Ren, Weiss suggests that she use this time to find out who "she" is. Then when Nora tries to smash the electrified gate in Weiss worriedly yells out for Nora not to do it. Later in "Fault" and "War", Weiss is seen hurriedly bringing an uncoscious Nora to the Schnee Manor and places her in her room.

She then personally tends to Nora's injuries. Later Weiss would put her hand on Nora's forehead when she mumbles, what is she good for now. She later comments that Nora needed a proper doctor fast now. She was also seen later seen holding a sleeping Nora's hand while she sat next to Blake and Ruby.


Nordic Winter is a rarepair in the rwby fandom. Mainly bevause the two never had any prominent interactions until recently. Also ships like ReNora, White Rose, White Knight and Freezerburn are much more popular for Nora and Weiss. Most people who do ship it like the almost sibling relationship they have with each other. And the the whole opposite attract trope. It has a small fanbase on tumblr.



Nordic Winter tag on Tumblr


  • Their ship name comes from Weiss being the "ice queen" and Nora being based off of the nordic god Thor.



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