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NovaHD is the slash ship between UberHaxorNova and aleks from the Cow Chop fandom.


The pair co-founded the Couch Co-Op channel Cow Chop in 2016 after breaking from the YouTube game group called The Creatures. James and Aleks are generally seen as the face of the group, being the most consistently on-camera members, and generated some shipping energy over their friendship even before Cow Chop was formed. They make off-handed jokes about said shipping, with James, at one point, proposing to Aleks with a ring, prompting “Mine” by Bazzi to play, meme and all. This fell through, however, as James refused to enter a prenuptial agreement despite his ”fat stacks.” James is the more lighthearted one when it comes to the ship, making jokes and laughing about it more often, while Aleks is more begrudging and nervous.

At the end of one podcast, James and Aleks finally kissed, with James being entirely willing to go through with the act, even teasing Aleks by trying to make him uncomfortable with the situation. Aleks went through with it, but recoiled back immediately, with Brett commenting that he kissed the worst part of his lips.


James and Aleks are fairly decently shipped together, seeing as they have a long history of collaborating with each other on YouTube. Aside from Cow Chop, the two have had numerous LP series together, and notably played The Bowdrie Brothers in a series by The Creatures named SUPERCAST! where Aleks invents “The Face That Inspired a Generation.”

Lots of fanfiction has been written of James and Aleks, prompting them to read one on a Valentines’ Day livestream called “Sex on the Beach,” which has since vanished. During the reading, Aleks visibly dies inside as James relishes it all, acting as the narrator. Aleks eventually leaves the room as James continues reading.

Aleks is generally characterized as a Russian emo twink meme machine while James acts as a domineering and angry rich person with “fat stacks” by the Cow Chop fandom.

“NovaHD” garners approximately 15,000 results on Wattpad.



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  • James and Aleks have a combined subscriber count of 4.2 million subscribers and 1.9 billion views (5 million subscribers and 2.2 billion views with Cow Chop).


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