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NozoCoco is the het ship between Nozomi Yumehara and Coco from the Pretty Cure fandom.


In the series, more specifically their two seasons, Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, Nozomi and Coco had an equal and understanding relationship with one another. Usually when Nozomi is sad, Coco is too and vice versa. They shared an on-screen kiss in the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! movie, which officially marked their canon relationship.

Yes! Pretty Cure 5

First Meeting

The two first met in the first episode, when Nozomi was running late for school. Suddenly, a pink butterfly flew straight in front of her face then away. Amazed by its elegance, Nozomi began following it, completely forgetting about school. When turning to an alley that the butterfly went into, she crashed into someone. About to fall, a strange man caught her. He asks her if she is okay, going very close to her face, and out of surprise she pushes him away, immediately apologizing right after. Then, the butterfly flew away, disappointing Nozomi slightly. To her surprise, the man puts out his finger, resulting in the butterfly fly back and landing on his finger. They talk for a few more minutes, Nozomi introduces herself, but suddenly the butterfly flies off his finger, surprising both of them. The man mumbles to himself something, before then running away.

Episode 23

Another day at school in episode 23, everyone has split up and Nozomi finds herself alone. She is approached by Coco, who asks about this, and Nozomi explains that everyone suddenly had plans and couldn't make it; Rin has a club meeting, Urara has to work, Komachi is too busy with work in the library, and Karen has a student council meeting. She is saddened that they can't eat lunch together, and Coco tries to tell her that they're all busy people and they can't help it, but he believes that Nozomi will be able to fix the problem soon enough and he tells her that people make mistakes. He then shows her the beads she had been putting together from the other day and tells her to never give up before leaving. Nozomi observes the keychain, very happy to see that Coco made it for her, and with that, she is suddenly inspired to fix everything.

Coco makes an attempt to help Nozomi, who is transformed, but he gets blocked by Bunbee. Kawarino gets in front of Cure Dream and holds the Mask of Despair, which he tries to put on her. She struggles but seeing the hope that remains in her, he tells her that her friends don't like her anymore. She momentarily panics, allowing him to put the mask on her when her guard is down.

Meanwhile, in Cure Dream's mind, Nozomi was there in peace with her friends as they were eating, and then in her pocket she saw the bracelet Coco gave her.Coco attempts to reach Cure Dream, changing into his real form while trying to tell her to wake up. In Nozomi's mind, Nozomi expresses surprise to see her friends, smiling as Coco continues to yell at her, outside of it. The Mask of Despair starts to crack. Together, they say to each other that they should be the one to save the other Cures.

Episode 26

In episode 26, the Cures are seen sharing a few romantic moments amongst each other while on vacation, and one of the pairs are Nozomi and Coco. Attempting to fish, Nozomi is being cheered on by Coco. But when she throws the line, she doesn't realize Coco is attached to the line and so he is sent flying into the water, nearly drowning until Nozomi is able to save him. Later, Nozomi manages to find her towel with Coco's help, she realizes they are about to leave, only to stop and observe the star covered sky and lay down to observe it further. Nozomi asked Coco about Palmier Kingdom, but this makes Coco feel saddened, although she quickly tells him not to worry since they will save it. Coco is touched by her words and as a thanks, he offers to dance with her. As the romantic mood is set they look at each other's eyes, then suddenly, Nozomi trips and Coco almost lets her fall overboard; but is able to save her and pull her to safety- and then onto the floor, with Nozomi on top of him. When she realizes this she gets very flustered and blushes, causing Coco to laugh. At this, Nozomi laughs as well and gets up, bu they stare at each other again and Nozomi resumes blushing as they begin to move closer to one-another, nearly about to kiss until Milk calls for Coco, snapping them out of it and quickly leaving just in time to be found by her. She jumps into Coco's arms, happy to be with him.

Episode 31

In episode 31, Rin and Nozomi are on their way to school when Rin spots a girl give Coco a love letter. She mentions it to Nozomi, who stands there in shock. Back at Natts House, the girls chat about Pinkies.  However, Nozomi seems off on her own thoughts, only to feel worse when she spots Coco. Milk asks if he received any letters and he confirms it, and Komachi asks Natts if he gets them too. He confirms that he does - but he rejects them. To show Nozomi, Milk grabs a big box to point out the many letters he gets. The next day at school Nozomi happens to spot Coco with another girl as she walks down the hall with Rin. She runs away from them, causing Coco to feel bad. He heads out to the schoolyard and thinks about her when Natts arrives, telling him not to answer the letters. They talk a bit and take off when Hadenya appears and surprises them.

Coco encourages Cure Dream to defeat the Kowaina and she follows his words, easily purifying it with Crystal Shoot. Everything returned to normal and Hadenya takes off, along with Nozomi after she changes back to normal. Coco sadly watches her go.

The following day, Coco appears with a letter just as Nozomi prepares to leave. She demands he hands it over and he easily does, causing her to read the words, "Your feelings, got through.", and realize it was for her. She happily forgives Coco and takes his hand in her own and they run off together to have fun at school.

In episode 32, while helping Rin with a wedding theme for Komachi's cousin's friend, Nozomi however, focuses more or less on the many dresses she'd like, along with eating a whole cake by herself, picturing her husband as Coco.

In episode 34, Karen is riding on her horse Charlie while Nozomi dreams of a princely Coco riding a white horse.

In episode 38, at Natts House, Milk was writing when she decides to make some edits. Cinderella (Nozomi) lives with her wicked stepmother (Komachi) and two sisters (Rin and Karen). Cinderella was very clumsy and her family members decided she was unworthy of bringing to the Ball so they leave her behind. On the evening of the ball, Cinderella watches the fireworks from where she is back at home and wishes for a beautiful dress so that she could attend. It was then a witch (Urara) appears and offers to use her magic to summon a dress. It takes a few tries, but she eventually gets it, and she includes a pair of glass slippers with a butterfly motif. She warns Cinderella that she can only wear this dress until midnight however, and Cinderella eagerly takes off.

At the Ball, the Stepmother and sisters watch the dance when Cinderella slips. The Prince (Coco) invites her to dance with him, while another Prince (Natts) invites the stepmother to a dance. Then the witch appears, all dressed up to attend as well. As Cinderella falls again, everyone else trips as well.

Later, beneath the table at Natts House, Nozomi happens to find a glass slipper and recalls that the one who fits it is befitting enough to marry the Prince. She and Coco exchange glances and blush before Milk jumps into the shoe, claiming it to be her perfect fit. As the other girls resume reading the story, Nozomi chases Milk around the room out of frustration.

Episode 45

Rin has recently obtained the 54th Pinky, so with Nozomi and the fairies they head to the area where Miku, Madoka's friend, got married. In this time it occurs to Coco that he would be returning home and there is only a little bit of time left for him to be with Nozomi.

At Natts House, Milk points out that with almost all of the Pinkies, the Kingdom will be restored soon. Then, either Natts or Coco will be elected the new king. She watches them play in the snow, saying they will be better than the last- only to have to hurriedly stop them.

Nozomi asks if they can still visit after they leave, but Natts informs her that the King will be needed too frequently to leave- though the Prince wouldn't be as bound to it. The other Cures bring up having to say goodbye to them, and how badly they feel even though they knew it would come. But they do not notice the shocked Nozomi trying to make herself smile and remind them that this had been their goal the entire time.

Later, they seem to be aware of how sad she is feeling, despite acting cheerful. She worked so hard to help them with their dreams, but she never bothered to think of what would happen once they did. Milk claims to understand Nozomi's feelings, but the Kingdom really needs Coco and Natts. Rin comments that this relates to Nozomi as well.

Meanwhile in episode 49, Nozomi and Coco are outside and Nozomi reminds him of his promise to invite her back to the Palmier Kingdom after it's restored. He vows to build a great Kingdom for her to visit.

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

Some point after saying farewell, Nozomi is writing a letter to Coco, as she misses him. However, she is not sure how to send the letter, though she and the girls meet up with Syrup, who is capable of delivering letters between worlds. He refuses to give Coco her letter but gives her a letter he was sent to give her, which also contained the Rose Pact. In most of the episodes, it is also shown that Coco was the crush of Minamo Kurumi, who soon becomes Nozomi's love rival. It is also shown that the princess of another kingdom gets engaged to Coco, but he rejects her due to his love for Nozomi.

In the movie, it is Nozomi's birthday and downstairs everyone is preparing for her party while Coco pokes her cheek to wake her up. When she wakes, Coco explains that she fell asleep while waiting for the others, and teases her for her sleeping habits. Nozomi is embarrassed and Coco tells her he was kidding, and then compares her to Sleeping Beauty. Nozomi enjoys the story and says that she wishes something like that could happen to her too, and Coco smoothly asks if she'd like for him to wake her up with a kiss. Nozomi panics, Coco again tells her he was just kidding, and Nozomi tells him that was mean.

While the rest of the Cures are fighting, back at the castle, Dream is pushed against a pillar and the man that she is fighting tries to kiss her. She is too weak to get away from him until she hears her friends calling her and she gains the strength to push him away, telling him she won't be turned into a sweet until she saves her friends. The knight removes his glasses to reveal he is actually Coco, which horrifies Dream. His eyes are red, showing he was brainwashed. He creates black energy which turns into a black fleuret. Dream knows right away that someone is controlling Coco, and demands to know "who are you?" Mushiban makes his first appearance, controlling Coco using a brooch and using an orb to tell her who he is. When Dream backs away, the controlled Coco raises the fleuret towards her and she says she can't fight Coco. He attacks her, and she dodges him as best as she can while calling out his name. The brainwashed Coco says that her voice can't reach him, but she still tries anyway.

Dream continues calling out to Coco, and although the evil Coco declares this useless, the brooch starts to crack. She blocks his hits and he knocks her to her knees, giving him an opportunity to deal the final blow. Dream tries one last time as he prepares to kill her, telling him she believes in him. These words are what wakes Coco, and his eyes turn blue for a few seconds. However, Mushiban quickly takes control again and his eyes turn red once more. He looks as if he's suffering, but he still tries to kill Dream although she does nothing but gaze at Coco. Just as it looks like he's about to do it, he stops, and Dream stands as he pulls away from her and tries to fight against the brainwashing. He begins to yell until he suddenly calms down, giving Dream an opening to run towards him. She begs for Coco to remember her, and she kisses him. Coco's eyes widen and his eyes turn blue again, revealing he's now free. The crystal controlling him shatters and Dream steps back, calling his name. This time, Coco looks up and responds to her happily. Dream is relieved, tears in her eyes as she jumps into his arms. He spins her around in a hug and he thanks her while she tells him she's glad he's okay. There is a small romantic scene of the two alone on the lake.


NozoCoco is among the biggest ships in the entire franchise as a whole, with very few people disliking it. It is among the very few non-femslash ships in the franchise, automatically receiving a lot of love. As soon as it became canon, most people began to ship it. It is safe to say the #1 ship for both Nozomi and Coco.

The ship has been around since the air of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and is still very popular. It has multiple people liking it and, throughout it’s history, many AMVs on YouTube for it.



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  • They were the first couple to share a kiss in the fandom.


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