NozoEli is the femslash ship between Nozomi Toujou and Eli Ayase in the Love Live! School Idol Project fandom.


Both Eli and Nozomi are president and vice president respectively. They both depend on each other. They usually eat parfaits after school. Eli is Nozomi's first friend. Nozomi is very supportive for Eli. In the game's story, Nozomi mentions she would give chocolates to who she loved. In her side story, she talks about giving chocolates to Eli. In the game, Nozomi said "If we were a family, Eli-cchi would be dad, and I would be mom." Eli supports Nozomi, just like Nozomi supports Eli. And also, in the anthology (or Diary), created by Sakurako Kimino and Oda, that was called 'Love Live! School Idol Diary', in one of the diaries there's one that has Nozomi and Eli going somewhere to look for a location for their PV.

Nozomi called this outing a date and the title of the story is called 'Dating Pair'. Near the end, Eli buys a ring for Nozomi and begs for her (Nozomi) to buy the same one. Nozomi thinks this is because of Eli's ring necklace with lots of memories of her mom and thinks this is the last time they'll probably going to spend time with each other. Nozomi gave Eli the one she bought and Eli inserts the ring to Nozomi's left pointer finger. Nozomi thought this was a rehearsal of them exchanging rings. Even though, Nozomi ends thinking "I will honorably sympathize with a future Eli's lover"; thus implying that Nozomi does not want to be in such place, or that she rather wants yet she knows this scenario will never happen again anytime soon.


“I'd love to see Ericchi in a sexy dress.”
— Nozomi about Eli, wanting to tease her.


On AO3, they are the most written ship in the Love Live! fandom.

NozoEli is often paralleled to KanaMari, the ship from the second Love Live! series, Sunshine.



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  • Their voice actresses ship them.
  • They have a duet called "Garasu no Hanazono".
  • They have two UR pairs in the game, Love Live! School idol festival.
  • They dressed in traditional Japanese marriage clothes in a magazine.
  • They've played Romeo and Juliet in a school play. (Nozomi as Juliet and Eli as Romeo). During this, Eli kissed Nozomi's forehead, and they blushed a lot. This story is found in the manga and the game.


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