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NozoNico is the femslash ship between Nozomi Tojo and Nico Yazawa from the Love Live fandom.


School Idol Project

They are both third year students from Otonokizaka High School. They are friends who like to tease each other. Nozomi understands Nico in her choices.

When Nozomi was a first year, she felt a certain way and as a result was able to connect with Eli Ayase. They were looking for people who were like them, and found Nico was one of those people. However, they weren't ready to reach out to her yet.

Nozomi is the one who suggested that Honoka and the other members of µ's go talk to Nico so they can merge clubs. Nozomi later offers to help Nico with her studies so that the school idols are allowed to perform. Nozomi frequently threatens to "punish" Nico (grab her chest) if she doesn't get down to work. In episode four of season two, Nozomi grabs Nico's chest and then chases after her to find out why she skipped practice. It turns out Nico has to take care of her siblings, something Nozomi never knew. It seems only Nozomi truly understands Nico's situation, who is a number one idol in her sibling's eyes because of what happened when she was a first and second year. Along with the other members, Nozomi prepares a stage for Nico to perform on for her siblings. With the help of Eli, Nozomi picks out an idol dress for Nico. Nozomi says she looks the best in a cute dress. In episode eleven of season two their group started crying. Nico says she won't and they are crybabies but when Nozomi hugs her she starts to cry.

School Idol Movie

After arriving in New York, Nico and Nozomi ride in same taxi to their hotel. Later Nico and Nozomi are together and see shoes wrapped around electrical wires. Nozomi explains what they are, and asks if Nico wants to see her do it. Nozomi steals Nico's shoes and expertly winds them around a streetlight. After returning to Japan, Nozomi, Nico and Eli engage in a musical number. In which, Nozomi butt bumps Nico and later Nico and Nozomi run out of an elevator skipping and holding hands.

School Idol Festival

In the chapter about Mother's Day in Love Live! School Idol Festival they share a nice moment. Nico invites Nozomi to her house which is really nice of her. Nozomi helps Nico with making a fancy dinner for Nico's mother. Nozomi says she had nothing better to do since her mother is in another country. In the Christmas chapter they are together in town shopping for presents for the gift grab bag. They decide to buy presents for each other and believe they'll both end up receiving them.


Season 1

  • Episode 10:
    • Nozomi jokes that she thought Nico was the their mascot.
    • Nozomi throws a pillow at Nico.
  • Episode 11: Nozomi says she believed in Nico's ability to win them a time slot in the auditorium.

Season 2

  • Episode 10: Nico helps Nozomi out as a shrine maiden on New Year's.
  • Episode 11: Nico accidentally runs into Nozomi, her face right at chest-level


In romantic portrayals of the ship, the two love to tease each other. Often Nozomi falls in love first. They have some difficulties with serious conversations so they have trouble stating their relationship as romantic. As a platonic ship, people often view their relationship more as a mother-daughter relation, with the mature Nozomi caring for the child-like Nico.

Physical aspects of the pairing are part of the reason why people ship it. Nico is small and Nozomi is all-around bigger than her, which many find cute. As well, since their hairstyles are similar, both parting their hair in two and having dark hair. Their hairstyles were even more similar before Love Live! aired, since at that time Nico's hairstyle looked almost exactly like Nozomi's.

NozoNico is the second most popular ship for Nozomi on AO3, but is still heavily outnumbered in works by NozoEli. It is also Nico's second most popular ship on AO3, but is heavily outnumbered by NicoMaki. It doesn't quite make the top 10 ships for Love Live, but it is still a very popular ship.



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  • They have duo song Otomeshiki Ren'ai Juku which is about their shipping. The two are featured on the single cover.
  • Nozomi's nickname for Nico is Nico-cchi.
  • They have two UR pairs in Love Live! School Idol Festival game.


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