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Nymatt is the het ship between Matt and Nyma from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 4

In "Begin the Blitz," Matt and Nyma are first seen working together as allies since joining the Voltron Coalition.

Season 5

In "The Prisoner," Matt, along with Pidge, his sister, help fix up Nyma's ships following the season 4 finale. Not long after, he and Pidge get a call from Shiro and Allura informing them of their father's whereabouts. Not wanting to wait any longer, Matt and Pidge head for the coordinates. Shiro and Allura them to wait, as then they'd have backup. Rolo and Nyma tell them they'll go with Matt Pidge, giving them the backup they'd need.

Once at the coordinates, a prison, Pidge drops them off out of the Green Lion, Matt's parachute fails to open, as he falls, Nyma screams his name. Beezer saves him, as the gently land the ground, Nyma tells Matt has can let go of Beezer. Inside the prison, Matt desperately searches for his father, Sam Holt. As Nyma and Rolo are readying up to get the other prisoners out, Nyma worriedly says to herself, "Come on, Matt, where are you?" Soon Matt rounds the corner, jumping into the ship. Nyma takes notice of his still missing father, asking where he is. Matt snaps at her, telling them to go. Nyma is hurt by this, but leaves it.


After the release of season 5, Nymatt gained in popularity a bit following Nyma's obvious concern for Matt at his father's still disappearance. On AO3, Nymatt has 16 works written for it.



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