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OchaHimiDekuis the poly ship between Himiko Toga, Izuku Midoriya, and Ochako Uraraka from the My Hero Academia fandom.


As a whole, the three haven’t had very many interactions, especially due of Himiko’s being a villain, while Izuku and Ochako are heroes, which make them from different bands and so being enemies. Though, Ochako and Toga had discussed about him several times like in the Forest Training Camp Arc.

In the following arc, Tsuyu and Ochako get attacked by Toga while both girls were doing their training. Ochako then manages to attack Toga and immobilize her for a moment by standing on her back and then Toga asks Ochako if she had someone she liked and that if she wanted to be like certain person. Ochako then remembers on what she said before; "I'll win! I'll win and be like Deku, too!" as it is shown that the person who Ochako liked was no one else but Izuku. Toga then realizes she was right and continues by telling Ochako that she could tell, because afterall Ochako was a "maiden" just like Himiko. Toga, while smiling and blushing, then tells Ochako that it was only natural on liking someone, since she'll end up on wearing the same things like the person they like but in the end it wouldn't be enough and it cannot be helped. After Toga ends her conversation with Ochako, she attacks her by absorbing some of Ochako's blood for then escaping the place, leaving behind both Ochako and Tsuyu injured.

Ochako and Toga then reunite again in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Toga then tells Ochako while being hidden that she wanted to talk with Izuku, and then points out that he's always with injuries and blood which made him "cool" for Toga. During their fight, Toga takes something from Ochako (an All Might keychain) and Ochako tells that it was something important to her. Toga then points out that she and her were the same, since both liked the same person (Izuku), and Toga said that she knew it all along, and again tells her that they were really alike. After Tsuyu went to save Ochako, Toga leaves the place and leaves the keychain behind so Ochako would have it back, and as soon as she left, she said that she finally got her "answer" from Ochako while some tears were going out of her eyes.

An unknown narrator talks about how, even after his several encounters with Himiko, Izuku never imagined that she actually liked him, because despite everything that’s happened, he’s still a “damned nerd”. Izuku freaks out asking what she’s talking about, leading Himiko to confess she’s felt this way ever since they first met, since he was so beaten up and looked exactly like her first crush, her face twisting saying she wants to suck his blood and become him. Izuku stammers asking if being a couple means doing stuff like going on dates and holding hands, while Himiko states that being a couple to her means being one and the same.

As another shockwave from the Nomu occurs, Himiko asks Izuku what he wants to do with her, the same question she asked Ochako during the War. When Himiko once again hides her presence to come in for an attack, Izuku says that he too wanted to become like All Might, and that he understands her, and how fulfilling it feels. However, he proceeds to say he could never share the same heart and mind as him or think about hurting the ones he love. Hearing this causes Himiko to think back to the words of her parents, Curious, and Ochako, and her face twists once again.

She says that Izuku and Ochako are both the same, just like her parents, stating that they think only Heroes and those they protect count as real people, which is why they’re destined to be apart. Himiko runs at them with her knives and whips, with Izuku dodging while Ochako grabs ahold of her. She says she’s been thinking hard about her even since that day, while Himiko claims she hasn’t been on her mind anymore, and that she’s through thinking of the both of them; if the world rejected her, she’s entitled to do the same. Ochako’s distracted by some of her whips coming from behind, causing Himiko to stab her in the back, declaring she’s sad since they both felt the same way about the same boy.

Izuku grabs onto Himiko with Blackwhip, who is further pushed away by Tsuyu. Ochako says she only got a grazed cut, but adds they need to get the knife back, since her blood is on it. Tsuyu continues that due to being so unpredictable, sending her to Okuto Island would’ve been the right call, even though the plan backfired. She then tells Izuku to leave now as it’s not the place to talk about romance, and to rely on Ochako, who has the most experience dealing with her. Ochako tells him to deal with Tomura, recalling their conversation from earlier, while Himiko prepares to get up saying that it’s so hard to live as her full of love. Ochako yells at Izuku to run as he speeds away.

Izuku blasts his way across the ocean, on Okuto Island, Ochako and Tsuyu note that Izuku’s gone, with the latter thinking about how she couldn't stand the thought of her friend's secret being revealed like that. Himiko tells the girls she’s had enough and that she’s ready to be who she wants to be, while caressing her pouch thinking about Jin. Himiko declares she has no need for Heroes, while Ochako declares she will also live the way that's right for her.

Himiko gets up and declares that even though she loved Izuku, Ochako and Tsuyu, she had enough


It is rather a rarepair in the fandom, due on Himiko and Izuku along with Ochako are enemies. People would prefer ship Izuku with Ochako and in other ocassions they would prefer shipping both Uraraka and Toga together and ship Midoriya with anyone else like Todoroki or Bakugo. Nevertheless, the ship sailed as result on the love triangle that are between the three, though Izuku had never confirmed on having a crush in whether Ochako or Toga. The polyship has a less amount of followers as it's overshadowed by other much popular polyships like TodoBakuIzuku and HimiTsuChako. The small fanbase of the polyship that like shipping Izuku with both Ochako and Toga at the same time created the love triangle with the three of them.

Some fan theories say that Ochako could be the traitor of U.A, and that she could be secretly working with Toga and LoV and pretending on being a student wanting to become a hero. However Ochako hadn't shown signs on being on Toga's side due she's seen on hating the league, and her wish on becoming someone better to help her parents.



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OchaHimiDekuTsuyu refers to the ship between the three and Tsuyu Asui
IzuOcha refers to the ship between Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka
TogaIzuku refers to the ship between Izuku Midoriya and Himiko Toga
Togaraka refers to the ship between Himiko Toga and Ochako Uraraka


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