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OchaIiDeku is the poly ship between Tenya Iida, Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Entrance Exam Arc

Izuku and Ochako first met before the actual exam took place. Izuku, caught up in his head hadn't wasn't looking where he stepped and tripped. Before he could fall, Ochako floated him upright, wishing him good luck before making her way to their destination. After she leaves, Izuku blushes madly and (internally) yells, "I TALKED TO A GIRL!!" although his pre-exam jitters didn't exactly allow him to speak!

Inside the building, Izuku was fanboying over Present Mic when he explains the rules of the Entrance Exam, muttering about he listens to Present Mic’s radio every week, he’s so moved and very amazed that every UA Teachers are Pro-Heroes, and then Katsuki told him to ‘shut-up’. After Present Mic explains about the rules, Tenya asks a question, talks about how shameful if UA did a misprint and then points his finger at Izuku, scolding him for muttering, telling him it’s distracting and then telling him that if he’s there just for a pleasure trip, he better go home.

Before the exam begins, Izuku spotted Ochako near the gate, so Izuku thinks on approaching her to thank her for helping him when he’s falling before, "the nice girl who saved me earlier" he says. But when he’s still walking, Tenya puts his hand on Izuku’s shoulder to stop Izuku and telling him that Ochako appears to be trying to focus. And then he asks Izuku about what he is doing there and thinking that Izuku is taking the Entrance Exam to interfere with everyone else which Izuku quickly told him that it’s not like that.

After Present Mic says ‘Start’ to start the exam, they’re all stopped for a second and after Present Mic told them that heroes doesn’t need countdown so go run, Tenya and the other Examinees quickly run into the gate leaving Izuku and then Izuku run trying to catch up with them. After his One-Pointer Robot got ‘stolen’ by Yuga and Present Mic announced that the exam will end in 6 Minutes and 2 Seconds, Izuku search for Pointer Robots, where he see Tenya kicking a Two-Pointer Robot while shouting “45 Points!” and Izuku repeated his words in surprise.

After the Zero-Pointer Robot is released, Izuku freeze on his place, Tenya can be seen running past him while looking at him but the quickly looks away. After Izuku saves Ochako from the Zero-Pointer Robot, Tenya along with the other examinees stare at him with a very amazed or rather surprised expression.

Ochako is revealed to try to give Izuku some of her points in the end

Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

When Izuku is going to enter his class; 1-A, he hopes that he won’t be in the same class as Katsuki and Tenya, but when he opens the door, he ended up seeing Tenya scolding Katsuki for putting his legs on the desk and saying it’s disrespectful to the heroes who once sat on that desk, the upperclassmen’s who once sat on that desk, and the desk maker. Katsuki asks Tenya “What junior high did you go to, you side character?”. Izuku’s face immediately changes into a ‘God please have a mercy on me’ expression while pitying himself with the fact that the Top 2 of students he doesn’t want to be in the same class is the first sight he sees after he enters the class.

And then Tenya introduces himself as Tenya Tenya from Soumei Private Academy, and after some convo, Katsuki and Tenya notices Izuku standing on the class entrance, Tenya looks incredibly surprised, saying “You’re…” making the entire class looks at Izuku. and while Izuku awkwardly stuttering, trying to form a sentence, Tenya approaches saying, “Good Morning” to Izuku and then trying to introduce himself where Izuku cuts him by saying “I heard!”. Tenya stops on his track, Izuku calms down for a second and then introduce himself and replies by saying; “Nice to meet you, Tenya”.

Tenya changes his gesture from his signature chopping air gesture to standing while putting both his arms straight beside his torso, asking that if Izuku realizes ‘there’s something more than that practical exam’, Izuku’s face turns into a confused expression and Tenya continues his talking, saying that he have no idea, confessed that he has misjudged Izuku and admitting that he hate to admit but he thinks Izuku is better than him and Izuku mutters “Sorry, actually I didn’t realize anything” and after that Ochako appears and Tenya just standing there watching the two having a conversation until Aizawa arrives.

When it’s Izuku’s turn on the Pitch Ball, Tenya commented that it doesn’t look good for Izuku if he continues like this, and when Katsuki replies by saying Izuku is Quirkless, Tenya gasps in surprise and replies; “Quirkless?! Are you not aware of that he did in the entrance exam?”. After Eraserhead talks to Izuku and giving him back his quirk after erasing it, Tenya observed and saying that it looks like he received some advice, whereas Katsuki replies by stating the probability of Eraserhead just telling Izuku that he's expelled.

After Izuku tries to do the Pitch Ball again using his quirk, Tenya and the other’s face turned surprised. Tenya notices his finger are swollen and saying it with a concerned voice. He also noticed that the same thing happens on the Entrance Exam and thinking he has a strange quirk. When Katsuki makes an explosion and run at Izuku angrily thinking Izuku has been lying to him by hiding his quirk, Tenya, along with Ochako and Yuga makes a surprised gasp. When Eraserhead says that he’s lying about the whole expulsion thing, Tenya, Izuku and Ochako together makes a surprised scream while saying “What?!”.

After the test ended, Izuku is walking to the gate to go home tiredly, and then Tenya puts his hand on Izuku’s shoulder, stopping him on his track. Izuku turns his head and saying his name surprisedly. Tenya asks Izuku about his finger, “Is your finger healed?” he asks. “Yeah! Thanks to Recovery Girl” Izuku replies. And then they decided to walk together, Tenya starts by telling Izuku that he was really taken in by Eraserhead, thought that ‘This is the best of the best’ and such, that he didn’t think a teacher would encourage them with a lie. And while Tenya is talking, Izuku thinks to himself that he thought Tenya was scary, but he’s just earnest.

And after Ochako saying that she thought Izuku’s name were ‘Deku Midoriya’, Izuku explains that his real name is Izuku and Deku is just a nickname that Katsuki gave to Izuku as an insult, Tenya mutters “An insult, huh?”. And after Ochako apologizes and saying that it’s sounds like ‘Dekiru (You can do it!)’ and Ochako love how it sounds, Izuku quickly says that “I’m Deku!” Which Tenya disagrees, saying that he’s accepting it too easily, “Wasn’t that an insult?” he continues. And that how their friendship began.

Battle Trial Arc


When everyone’s costumes are revealed, Ochako walks up to Izuku and fawns over the “bunny ears” on his hood, squealing that they’re cute. When Izuku looks at her, he flushes and begins to stutter, as her costume is skin-tight and emphasizes her figure. Later, the two are paired up for the battle exercise against the team of Tenya and Katsuki. They become excited because “what are the odds!” and Ochako vows that they’ll win. Izuku smiles at her determination.

During their encounter with Katsuki, who’d ditched Tenya for the sole purpose of fighting Izuku, Izuku yells that he’s not the “same old Deku”. He says that his “Deku” means “You can do it!”, and it’s now the name of a hero. Ochako recognizes these words as what she’d previously told him on their first walk home together. They win the fight in the end, thanks to Izuku’s newfound motivation. Unfortunately, Izuku came out seriously injured from this fight and needed to be healed by Recovery Girl. After he enters the classroom the next day, Ochako runs to check on him with a flurry of questions, visibly relieved to see he’s okay.


The first major interaction between them is in the battle trials, where Tenya and Ochako have to face off, while he and Katsuki have to play the role of Villain. While Izuku was facing off against Katsuki, Ochako went to Tenya's location to find the bomb he had to grab to win, however, she couldn't help but laugh out loud as she saw him trying to have the mentality of a villain, lowering our guard. This makes Tenya realize that Ochako is in the room and tells her that he was waiting for her. In their combat, the ground is destroyed by Izuku's Detroit Smash and Ochako takes the opportunity to launch his Home Run Comet attack towards Tenya, distracting him long enough for Ochako to grab the bomb, causing Tenya and Katsuki to lose the battle. Tenya was not upset with Ochako for defeating him and approached her worried when he saw her exhausted after the fight.


Tenya Iida: President of Class 1-A

After the class decided to take Tenya’s suggestion on using voting to pick the leader, Tenya ended up in 0 Votes which later on will be known the reason, the reason is because he choose to vote Izuku rather than to vote himself. At lunch, Izuku told Tenya and Ochako that he feels like even though he’ve been chosen as the class rep, he didn’t know if he qualified for it or not. Ochako replies by saying he is qualified, and Tenya assure Izuku that it’ll be fine.

Izuku and Ochako stares at Tenya awkwardly.

Turns out, Tenya and Ochako is the one who voted for him. Even though Tenya want to be the class rep, he trusted Izuku more to become the class rep, thinking Izuku is more suitable and confessed that he merely did what he judged to be correct. Ochako teases Tenya, saying that Tenya is techincally made for the class-rep job, with his glasses, serious attitude and all. After some silence, Ochako and Izuku immediately notices that Tenya is a rich person when they heard Tenya's wordings, when Ochako asks if he is a rich person, Tenya immediately changes his expression into a kind of unhappy one, telling them that he tries to change how he talk because he didn’t want to be called that and sighed when Ochako and Izuku stares at him awkwardly.

Tenya tells them about his family has been heroes for generations, and he’s the second son. Izuku and Ochako let out an amazed ‘What?! Wow!’, and then Tenya mention about Tensei Iida, or also known as; The Turbo Hero, Ingenium. He asks them if they know about him, and Izuku excitedly says that he does know about him, telling all the information he know about Ingenium. And his expression quickly changes after he realizes something; Tenya straight out telling them that Tensei is his elder brother and Izuku screams “That’s amazing!”.

Tenya tells them that Tensei is a likeable hero who honors the rules and leads people, that he set his sights on being a hero because he want to be just like Tensei. However, he think that it’s still too sun for him to lead others. Because he thinks that, unlike him. Izuku realized the point of the practical portion of the entrance exam, so he thinks that Izuku is more suitable for that job. After Ochako points out that it’s the first time that she see Tenya smiles, Izuku realizes that Ingenium is to Tenya what All Might is to him.

Suddenly, a bell rang and announcing that there’s someone trespassing on school grounds. Izuku, Tenya and Ochako quickly run to the emergency exit, but due to the crowded hallways and panicked students, Izuku got separated far from Tenya and Ochako. Tenya got very close to the point his cheek got pressed on the window and he finds out that the press is the ones who trespass, so he tries to calm everyone down but ended up being pushed even further to the window and got separated from Ochako.

Tenya tries to approach Ochako while thinking of what Izuku or his brother would do in this situation. After he got floated by Ochako’s quirk, he use his ‘Engine boost’ to go over the emergency exit door, on the way, Izuku shouts Tenya’s name in worry. Tenya hits the wall in the emergency exit sign people pose and told everyone to calm down and then announcing that it’s just the press that trespassing, Izuku stares at Tenya amazed and then smiles with a sparkle in his eyes.

After all of that, Izuku confessed to the whole class that he thinks that Tenya should be the class rep after all, saying that he was able to get everyone’s attention in such a cool way, and he think it would be the best for Tenya to do it. And Tenya stares at Izuku in disbelief, quickly looking at Eijiro who adds that it’s true that Tenya was a big help at the cafetaria today and Denki replies by agreeing and say that he kind of looked like the person on the emergency exit signs.

Excursion to the USJ

When Tenya blow his whistle and calling the whole class to gather round, telling them to form two lines by their student numbers in order to make bourding the bus go smoothly, Izuku commented about Tenya to Ochako that he thinks that Tenya is going at full throttle, but the bus ended up to be the type that Tenya didn’t thought gonna be.

After they arrived at the USJ, the teachers do some speech first, and then their class gets interrupted by an army of supervillains. Eraserhead attacks Tomura, all of the students except Izuku quickly evacuate to the exit door, Izuku observes Eraserhead until Tenya turns his back and call out Izuku telling him there’s no time in analysing things and commands him to hurry up and take a shelter. Tenya and Ochako were able to stay together with Thirteen next to the exit, while the rest of their classmates were scattered all around the simulation, along with a supervillain making sure that their group doesn't escape. Because Tenya's Quirk makes him the fastest in their small group, Ochako gives Tenya her support for when Thirteen creates a window for him to fetch help from. Even though Tenya's role as class president had him not wanting to leave Ochako and the others to the villains, he agrees to do it when Ochako remind him of his actions at the cafeteria. As Tenya made his way to the exit, Ochako helped to ensure that Kurogiri doesn't stop her friend from leaving. Tenya later returned with the teachers as promised and even though they got the villains to retreat, Tenya, Ochako and the rest of class 1-A were still shaken from the incident.

UA Sports Festival Arc

Before the Sports Festival starts, Tenya and Izuku are surprised to see that Ochako is the most excited about the event and she decides to tell them her motivations for being a hero. Ochako points out that his reasons are selfish but both Tenya and Izuku believe that Ochako's goal is noble and Tenya immediately told Ochako that he need not feel ashamed in his search for money, even before discovering it was only due to Ochako's wish to improve her parent's lives. Izuku and Tenya point out that Ochako's Quirk could drastically reduce business expenses if she got licensed, and her family could sell their construction equipment as well. Ochako agrees completely, but remembers that her father encouraged her as a child to follow her own dreams instead. Izuku and Tenya are genuinely inspired by Ochako's noble ambition.

On the Calvary Battle, nobody wants to be in Izuku’s team, but then, Ochako joins Izuku’s team, saying that it’s good to friends to team up. Unfortunately, when Izuku tries to recruit Tenya in his team, Tenya refuses. Tenya explains that while he sees Izuku and Ochako as best friends, he also views them as rivals. Tenya chose to be in Shoto’s team because his team is stronger than Izuku’s, and Tenya promises that he will defeat Izuku’s team. Ochako looks a bit depressed when Tenya doesn't want to be on the same team as her and Izuku in the cavalry battle during the Festival, but when the battle ends, Ochako is not annoyed ​at him for competing against she and was shocked by Tenya's Recipro Burst and playfully annoyed him for hiding his abilities, causing Tenya to apologize profusely.

Tenya and Ochako watch Izuku's match against Hitoshi and gladden when their friend wins. Tenya and Ochako also watch each other's fights at the Festival and cheer on each other. Before the match between Ochako and Katsuki, Izuku offers an advice for Ochako whereas Ochako refuses to take his help, and then admit that she feels embarrassed for relying on Izuku during the Calvary Battle and declares that she will do her best to defeat Katsuki on her own. And when the match between them happens, Tenya asks Izuku what his advice for Ochako was, and Izuku says that she needs to strike first and touch Katsuki to send him out of bounds using her quirk.

Before the match between Shoto and Izuku starts, Tenya along with Ochako and Fumikage discuss how Izuku could win the match. After the match ended, Tenya with Ochako, Minoru and Tsuyu abruptly enter Recovery Girl’s room to check on Izuku and inform him that matches has been postponed to repair the arena which Recovery Girl forces all of them all to leave so she can prepare for surgery, further worrying Tenya and the others.

After the surgery done, Izuku returns to the stands in time for Katsuki and Eijiro’s match. He’s upset that he missed both Tenya and Fumikage’s victories (Tenya won against Ibara and Fumikage won against Mina). Tenya happens upon Izuku, who congratulates him on his victory and suggests Ingenium must be proud. He tells Izuku that he tried to inform Tensei but to no avail and that he will hopefully be able to later notify his brother of further victories in the festival. Ochako cheers on Tenya during his fight against Shoto and is disappointed when he defeats him. After the match between Tenya and Shoto, and Tenya doing some things we didn't see on sceen, Tenya reunites with his class, greeting Ochako and Izuku with a smile until his phone rings. He pardons himself to speak with his mother, who informs him that his brother has been severely injured by a villain.

Vs Hero Killer Arc

It’s raining, Izuku walks to the school using his umbrella while muttering that it’s only morning, but he’s already tired, and he stops on his track after hearing Tenya greet him with a good morning while running, Izuku is incredibly surprised seeing Tenya wearing a poncho and rain boots. Tenya scolded him for walking so slow and saying that he’s going to be late. Izuku panicked and run with him while saying “Late? There are still 5 Minutes until the first bell” and then Tenya replies by stating that UA Students should always arrive 10 Minutes early. After they’re arrived, Izuku tries to start a conversation awkwardly, but Tenya cuts it by telling him if it’s about his brother, there’s no need to worry and apologize for worrying Izuku needlessly with a non-assuring smile and leaves. Izuku only stares at him with a concerned expression but no words.

At the end of the school day, Izuku agrees to walk home with Ochako, who notices Tenya has already left. Before they leave, All Might suddenly appears in the doorway and takes Izuku aside to inform him about his nomination. All Might discloses that his former homeroom teacher, Gran Torino, extended the offer to Izuku and that he knows about One For All. Izuku is excited to hear the news, but All Might appears to be fearful as he's reminded of his old teacher. Meanwhile, Eraserhead notices that Tenya chose a lower class offer from a hero in Hosu City.

Izuku reunites with Ochako and informs her that he got an offer. They both notice Tenya has left school already and Izuku recalls hearing about Ingenium on the news, having been taken out by the Hero Killer: Stain. On the first day of the internships, Shota dismisses the students after giving out their costumes. Before Tenya leaves for Hosu, Izuku and Ochako approach him. Ochako and Izuku is worried about Tenya when he looked sad before the practices with Heroes because of what happened to his brother and they told him that they would give him their support when he needed it. They advocate for him to talk to them if he's feeling helpless and asks if he's comfortable doing so because they are all friends. He affirms their friendship and walks away, changing his expression from a smile to a vengeful glare.

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

After U.A.'s students move into Height Alliance, on the night of the move, Mina suggests a rooms competition and when it is Tenya's room turn, Ochako laughs again at her stiffness due to which has shelves full of replacement lenses. In the training for the provisional license exam, Ochako and Tenya are walking together towards the Development Workshop and while talking about the improvements they wanted to make to their Heroes suits, Ochako is shown smiling to see Tenya encouraged again. Suddenly an explosion hits Izuku, to the surprise of Tenya and Ochaco, and the three meet up with Hatsume since the Sports Festival.

After Izuku's fight with Katsuki, they're punished with House Arrest, Izuku 3 days and Katsuki 4 days. The first day of the house arrest, everyone except Katsuki and Izuku got informed about Hero Work Studies, and the students is talking about it after they're back on the Height Alliance. Izuku thinks that It's only been 1 day but he already get so far behind. Tenya pops out and saying "That's what you're thinking right, Mr.House Arrest?" and Izuku replies "Don't call me that, it's mean!" and then he asks Tenya about the Internship which Tenya refuses to tell him because the teachers said so. After Izuku's house arrest is done, he apologizes to Tenya for dissapointing him

Tartarus Escapees Arc

Prior to Class 1-A's showdown against Izuku, it is revealed that the students confronted Endeavor about Izuku's location after receiving his farewell letters and, although at first they are surprised, Tenya and Ochako are among the most willing members of the Class to help and recover Izuku.

During the fight against Izuku, Tenya and Ochako work together with their companions to stop Izuku and at some point in the fight, Ochako prepares to use her Quirk on Tenya, allowing him to take Izuku's hand and stop him. Katsuki blows through into the air and admits there is so much he needs to say to him, but the only one who can withstand such intense speed is Tenya, whom he launches straight at Izuku using his Blasting Speed Turbo: Cluster. Tenya grabs Izuku's hand finally as he demands he let go, but Tenya refuses, saying that Tenya is the Hero who will grab the hand of a lost child and that giving help that’s not asked for, is what makes a true Hero. As Izuku fully starts to break down in tears, the second user of One For All reflects about how if there was anyone who could bolster Izuku, it would be those who share his resolve, can match his pace, and are willing to run alongside him, like the entire Class 1-A.

After the battle between Izuku and Class 1-A, Izuku realizes he is back at school as he is carried around by Mezo while Hanta reveals that the barrier is active. Izuku still believes he still can’t go back, and his beliefs seem to be enforced by a group of protestors within the school demanding he not be let in. The civilians say they know he is the rumored boy Tomura is after and after they were convinced U.A. would provide them sanctuary, allowing what they consider a “ticking time-bomb” is a horrible idea. They say he should go somewhere else and Izuku even considers leaving, but Ochako grabs his hand to stop him and tells him not to worry about it, as she is right now more determined not to let him go, and now it’s her turn to protect him. Ochako uses her Zero Gravity to jump on top of the building and make a speech about the reasons why Izuku should enter U.A. Tenya listens carefully to Ochako's speech with Izuku and tells him that Ochako is fighting. After the speech ends, Minoru tries to get closer to Izuku but Tenya stops him and tells him that this is not his time, then turns to see Ochako and says internally "Isn't that right, Uraraka-san?."

Both Tenya and Ochako has holds Izuku's hand. First is when Tenya reach out to Izuku, second is Ochako when the civilians telling Izuku to get out, and third is Tenya hold Izuku's hand when Izuku meet Inko.


OVA 1: Save! Rescue Training

Ochako, Tenya and Izuku is on the victim team, they three need to pretend to be injured so the rescue team will save them. Tenya took this very seriously, he told them to do their best to be injured, Ochako said yeah excitedly and Izuku reminds them that they just need to pretend. Tenya's seriousness making Ochako have to held back her laugh because she took the role as an unconscious victim. After Ochako got saved and delivered to the place where the rescue team waiting, Momo asks why does Ochako laughing, Ochako told her that it's because she thinks Tenya's seriousness is funny. Momo said it's wonderful, and says that it's not a laughing matter in which Ochako responses by apologizing and laughing again. After All Might revealed as the villain who attacks them to surprise the Class 1-A, making Ochako and Tenya scolds All Might, Tenya reminds All might that Izuku harms his finger and it could be a bad image for the school and Ochako tells him to not do it again. Then Izuku fallen, which stole Ochako and Tenya's attention. Izuku says it's okay, he's just glad that it was just a surprise with an awkward chuckle. Ochako and Tenya let out a relieved sigh. All Might's face turns into a relieved one with sparkles, happy after he heard Izuku's response, but Ochako and Tenya looks back to All Might and makes an angry face, "Don't go Midoriya-shonen!" Tenya said, while Ochako told Izuku to go to the Recovery Girl

OVA 4: Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training

Tenya, Izuku and Ochakao is on the same team; Team A. Team A seperates on purpose to search for the victim dummy, Momo with Tenya, Ochako and Izuku with Tsuyu, and Shoto with Fumikage (Eijiro, Katsuki and Denki already seperates themselves first). After Izuku, Ochako and Tsuyu falls and their hole got blocked with debris, they heard Momo screams asking for help, informing that Tenya is injured. Izuku gasps in disbelief. Izuku shouts back at Momo, informing that it's him, and he's with Ochako and Tsuyu. He told her that they're heading their way to Momo and Tenya's location now. Momo shouts and thanked him with a relieved voice, Izuku told her to create some glue to keep debris from falling again. After they arrived at Momo and Tenya's location, they saw Tenya laying down pathetically. Izuku notices that Tenya is still thinking about the rescue training in such delirious state. Izuku reminds everyone when they're working on saving Tenya that this isn't a training, this is a real rescue because they're trying to save Tenya. Ochako is starting to get tired, but she refuses to give up. Some debris falls down to the opened place where they're supposed to get out with Tenya, Izuku run at the debris and kicks it with One For All: Full Cowling.


“I'm Uraraka Ochako! Um, you're Iida Tenya and Midoriya... Um... Deku! Right!!”
— Ochako in the three's first group conversation[1]


OchaIiDeku isn't really popular in the fandom for various reasons. First of all, poly ships isn't really popular in the fandom, and the one well-known poly ships are TodoBakuDeku. Second, most of the fandom prefers OchaIiDeku as a platonic friendship rather than them in a romantic relationship. The most popular variation ship of OchaIiDeku is IzuOcha. Currently, there's 715 Works of them in AO3



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Dekusquad refers to the ship between the three, Tsuyu Asui and Shoto Todoroki
TodoIiDekuOcha refers to the ship between the three and Shoto Todoroki
IidaDeku refers to the ship between Tenya and Izuku
IzuOcha refers to the ship between Izuku and Ochako
IidaOcha refers to the ship between Tenya and Ochako


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