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Otto“Yes, Norman. It's me.”
— Spider-Man: No Way Home

OctoGoblin is the slash ship between Otto Ocatavius and Norman Osborn from the Marvel fandom.


Spider-Man: No Way Home

When Peter, Ned and MJ believe that they found Norman's location, but Otto believes that to be impossible. Peter assumes that Otto knew him, since he said his name on the bridge. Otto explains who Norman is, and how he was a brilliant scientist, but greedy and misguided. Peter asks what happened to him, but Otto snaps that he's tired of his questions. Peter takes a step back, and Otto repeats that it couldn't have been Norman, since he died years ago. So they either saw someone else, or Peter's about to go off and fight a ghost.

Peter brings Norman to the sanctum basement, where he is surprised to see Otto. He asks what happened to him, which takes Otto back since Norman is the walking corpse. Norman asks what he means, and Otto says that Norman died. Norman says that he's insane, but Flint interrupts to says that they both die fighting Spider-Man.

When Peter starts to implement the device to stop the AI from controlling Otto, Otto tells him to keep away. Norman tells him that it'll work, and Otto doesn't want to hear it from the guy that turned himself into a monster. Peter implements the device and Otto no longer has the voices in his head. Norman says Otto's name, and Otto comes down and says that it's him. Otto then offers to help Peter find cures for the others. Norman starts working on the cure for the serum, and Otto asks how it feels to almost be free of his darker half. To just be him. Norman repeats that and turns to face Otto, and they share a smile.

While the Peters hash it out with Doctor Strange, Norman arrives in Green Goblin attire. He attempts to throw bombs at Stranger, but Otto is able to use his arms to stop him. Norman then gets the spell box, but Otto is able to use his tentacles to hold him back while Strange gets it back. Norman then cuts off one of Otto's tentacles, and flies away.


Spider-Man: No Way Home

  • Otto recognizes Norman on the Highway.
  • Norman tells Peter that Otto knows of his work.
  • Otto gets annoyed by Norman and says that Peter's gonna kill them all.
  • Peter goes over the problem with Otto's mechanical arms with Norman.
  • Norman and Otto follow Peter through the apartment.
  • Norman calls Otto "honey".
  • Norman tells Otto to be quiet and he does so.


Norman“Norman's on sabbatical honey.”
— No Way Home
Otto“Norman, no.”
Norman“Quiet lapdog.”
— No Way Home


OctoGoblin was initially a rarepair in the Marvel fandom, with very few fan works across platforms. However, the ship gained significantly more traction after their interactions in No Way Home. Fans started exploring their relationship after the events of the film.

On AO3, OctoGoblin is the most written ship for both Norman and Otto. It is also the third most written ship in the Spider-Man (Movies - Raimi) tag. Currently there are 150+ works in the tag.



Otto/Norman tag on AO3


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17th JAN 17th 2022


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