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Okumura Brothers is the family ship between Rin Okumura and Yukio Okumura from the Blue Exorcist fandom.


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Rin and Yukio are the sons of the Demon God, Satan, while their mother was an exorcist tamer named Yuri Egin. Who named Rin after Satan's first known by name, "Rinka", while Yukio is short for Yukiotoko. Rin was born with Satan's blue flame, making him the demon brother, while Yukio was born completely human making him the human brother. Mephisto, their half-brother, places the twins in the care of Shiro Fujimoto, while making the world believe that Satan's demon-human sons are dead in order to protect the twins from exorcists who wishes them dead, or demons who would try to bring them, mainly Rin, to the Realm of Demons.

Over the years the twins grew in Shiro's care in a monastery, Rin protected Yukio from bullies at school, as well as supportive of Yukio who is shown to be way more smarter than Rin, but it hasn't stop Yukio from looking up to Rin. Unlike Rin, Yukio is able to see the demons due to him receiving a demon injury from Rin when they were very young. Shiro wanted to keep Rin out of the exorcist demon world, but he did allow Yukio to become an exorcist so he could learn the skills to fight the demons he sees, as well as to keep Rin safe, while keeping his older twin brother in the dark. Even though Yukio was able to become stronger and a lot more braver than he originally was, a small part of Yukio had began to resent Rin for having a normal childhood, getting more attention from their guardian and stepping into fights for them, when Yukio wants to fight them on his own. As well as Yukio developing a strong dislike for losing, with Rin not understanding why that is but chooses to except it.

When the twins turned fifteen, as Rin tries to look for work so he doesn't have to do another year at school, Yukio got a scholarship to True Cross Academy so he could finally learn hoe to be a doctor, as well as him helping out at Cram School. After Rin got into another fight, again, Yukio patches his other up as they talk about Yukio's despatcher to the academy, before Yukio gives Rin a quick lecture on how he acted; as well as asking his brother what he plans to do next. Rin wasn't sure himself but was glad that Yukio has a bright future and that he is going to work hard to become a doctor, Yukio's childhood dream goal that Rin supports every since he found out about it. Once Shiro told Rin the truth about demons and who his true father is, Rin was shocked by it and asked Shiro if Yukio is a demon like him, but Shiro explains that Yukio was born human from being week in the womb with him. After Shiro died, due to the twins' biological father possessing him, Rin wasn't sure how he was going to explain his awaken demon half to Yukio, as he wasn't aware that Yukio already knows about demons. Mephisto takes the twins to the academy in his limo, before he takes Rin to his first Cram School lesson where he learns that not only Yukio is an exorcist but is also his teacher. To answer Rin's question on the subject, Mephisto explains that Yukio is the youngest exorcist to graduate.

As Yukio teaches the classes, Rin interrupts it in order to get some answers from his younger twin. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to continue the class, Yukio explains to Rin that he knew about demons for a long time while still acting as a teacher to the rest of the class, until Rin demanded a reason why Yukio never told him any of thing as a broken vile of blood summoned a pack of Goblins into the classroom. Rin stayed behind with Yukio to fight the demons while the rest of the class out of the room, against Yukio's orders. Since he wasn't going to stop asking Yukio his question until he gets his answers from him.


  • When Baby Rin sees one of the exorcists says that they were going to kill his just born twin brother, Rin showed concern for Yukio and used his flames to save his brother from the exorcist.
  • Yuri asks the baby twins to be good brothers to one another before she dies.


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Okumuro Brothers is one of the main familyships, involving Rin and Yukio, in the Blue Exorcist fandom. There have been a few times when fans have the familyship as a slash ship, for though enjoy forgiven love stories or have Rin and Yukio as none-brothers. The same has been used in a few other well like familyships involving siblings, like Elsanna and Hidashi.

A few fanfics and fanart have them as none brothers or cousins, stretch the age between them to them Rin or Yukio much older than each other to have Yukio has the big brother and Rin as the little brother for fun, the twins being feature as sister instead of for fun, both brothers being involved in the exorcist and demon world, and even have the two being separated from each other when they were babies before they find one another many years later. Along with other brother-family traits and themes that should test Rin and Yukio's brotherly bond or make it stronger.

Fans were upset when Yukio and Rin attacked one another when Yukio left to join the Illuminati. Their brotherly bond has been put to the test every since the beginning and end of the Impure King Revival arc, due to Saburota Todo's mind game words to Yukio and the discovery that Yukio had instead inherited a part of Satan's power, that Lucifer and the rest of the Illuminati use to take advantage of him.



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  • In their own way, Rin and Yukio Okumura are similar to Dante and Vergil from Devil May Cry, from them being twin brothers of a demon father and a human mother. There have also been times where both demon-human twin brothers but heads with each other.



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