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Olafmax is the non-binary ship between Baymax and Olaf from the Disney fandom.


As Baymax and Olaf are from different series, they have never met in canon. Even though a few crossover games could have the cross paths with one another or get them added to the same team, by the player's choice.

Both Baymax and Olaf are very close with the main character of their films, Hiro and Anna. Along with being created by their older siblings. The two are mostly known for their white color scheme and giving other people "warm" hugs. The Snowgies are like mini versions of Olaf, just as Mini-Max is a mini version of Baymax.


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Olafmax is considered to be a well liked ship between the two characters in the Frozen/Big Hero 6 crossover fandom. Many fans have Olaf and Baymax hug each other in their fanart. The two have also been featured in a few fan works of the ship, Tadelsa whenever they have Baymax and Olaf by Tadashi and Elsas' sides.

Even though the ship isn't very popular on fanfiction websites, like AO3 and, it does have a small fanbase on Deviantart.



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  • Both Baymax and Olaf make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts III.
  • A few Frozen Easter eggs have been seen in the Big Hero 6 film. Along with one of the Snowgies having a Baymax-like face in Frozen Fever.


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