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Olafmax is the non-binary ship between Baymax and Olaf from the Disney fandom.


As Baymax and Olaf are from different series, they have never met in canon. Even though a few crossover games could have them cross paths with one another or get them added to the same team, by the player's choice.

Both Baymax and Olaf are very close with the main character of their films, Hiro and Anna. Along with being created by their older siblings. The two are mostly known for their white color scheme and giving other people "warm" hugs. The Snowgies are like mini versions of Olaf, just as Mini-Max is a mini version of Baymax. They were also willing to wrick their own lives for their friends and after their bodies were "gone", Baymax's main chip and water holding memories allowed Hiro and Elsa to bring them back. There have also been a few times were Olaf's body falls apart while Baymax's gets damaged, but Anna and Hiro are there to part the two back together. Just as Baymax has a habit of detailing facts, Frozen II has Olaf sharing most of the facts he had learned, since he a had formed a liking to learning. The Big Hero 6 TV series also has Baymax wanting to learn new things, like the ways to have fun. One of the main things that Olaf likes to have. There have even been times were Baymax and Olaf have shared a few words of wisdom with their friends.

Baymax and Olaf were also shown to be good around children and animals, like Mochi the cat and Sven the reindeer. When the two had found themselves in a forest, its inhabitancies and what makes the forests unique caused the two some trouble, but the snowman and robot were still able to help their friends. Olaf's solos show that he enjoys dance, while Baymax was given a dance chip. The two were also able to have some winter fun in snow that were made by their creators', through Elsa's magic and Tadashi's science. Olaf has lend a hand in Elsa and Annas' group gatherings that involve food, while Baymax has helped Fred with his Bro-Tillion and both Cass and Hiro in the Lucky Cat Café.


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Olafmax is considered to be a well liked ship between the two characters in the Frozen/Big Hero 6 crossover fandom. Many fans have Olaf and Baymax hug each other in their fanart, where some of them have Baymax trying to warm up Olaf's cold body temperature, for fun. The two have also been featured in a few fan works of the ship, Tadelsa whenever they have Baymax and Olaf by Tadashi and Elsas' sides. Due to the large number of Frozen Easter Eggs and references in Big Hero 6, where Olaf was one of them in Baymax's test flight scene, a few fans like to believe their films might be linked.

Because of Baymax's white colored body and black eyes, fans have Olaf confuse the robot for a fellow snowman, while Baymax's programming has him being interested by the living, cheerful snowman. Along with having Olaf treat Baymax as a person than a robot, as they two become friends who love to hug one another.

Even though the ship isn't very popular on fanfiction websites, it does have a small fanbase on Deviantart.



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  • Both Baymax and Olaf make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts III.
  • A few Frozen Easter eggs have been seen in the Big Hero 6 film. Along with one of the Snowgies having a Baymax-like face in Frozen Fever.


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