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Oliver Queen is the protagonist of Arrow and a part of the Arrowverse fandom.


Born rich, Oliver Queen grows up to be a spoiled, negligent and selfish young person, who fights paparazzi and continuously cheats on his loyal and smart girlfriend, Laurel. When she wants a commitment, Oliver balks at the thought, due to low self-esteem and absconds with her younger sister, who he knows has a crush on him. This propels his destiny, five years presumed dead as he fights for his life. When he returns to his home town, Oliver has been forced to face his bad decisions were based on his low self-esteem and with that recognition, he tries but is wary of repairing any relationships in his life.



Arrowhawk — the ship between Oliver and Kendra Saunders
Canarrow — the ship between Oliver and Sara Lance
Dinaver - the ship between Oliver and Dinah Drake
Heliver — the ship between Oliver and Helena Bertinelli
Lauriver — the ship between Oliver and Laurel Lance
McQueen — the ship between Oliver and McKenna Hall
Olicity — the ship between Oliver and Felicity Smoak
Olyssa – the ship between Oliver and Nyssa al Ghul
Queenwest — the ship between Oliver and Iris West
Shadover — the ship between Oliver and Shado Gulong
Snowqueen — the ship between Oliver and Caitlin Snow
Superarrow — the ship between Oliver and Kara Zor-El


Arrowvibe — the ship between Oliver and Cisco Ramon
Arrowave — the ship between Oliver and Mick Rory
Atomarrow — the ship between Oliver and Ray Palmer
ColdArrow — the ship between Oliver and Leonard Snart
Constanqueen — the ship between Oliver and John Constantine
Olivarry — the ship between Oliver and Barry Allen
Quiggle — the ship between Oliver and John Diggle
Roliver — the ship between Oliver and Roy Harper
Sladiver — the ship between Oliver and Slade Wilson
Toliver — the ship between Oliver and Tommy Merlyn


Dolicity — the ship between John Diggle, Oliver and Felicity Smoak
Smoaking Canarrow — the ship between Felicity Smoak, Sara Lance, and Oliver
Superflarrow — the ship between Kara Zor-El, Barry Allen and Oliver


Felicity Smoak

Main article: Olicity

Sara Lance

Main article: Canarrow

Laurel Lance

Main article: Lauriver

Laurel and Oliver grew up together and fell in love in high school. Oliver always thought Laurel was too good for him, suffering from low self-esteem which caused him to never take himself seriously. He hurt Laurel gravely by cheating on her multiple times, most cruelly with her own sister, Sara. When Oliver returns from the dead, Laurel wants to hate him but finds herself unable to. Increasingly, this is due to how Oliver's true character has come to light and they reunite briefly, only to have Tommy die tragically. This prevents their reunion and Oliver moves on to Sara, then later marries Felicity. In spite of this, they are soulmates linked for life and Laurel confesses to Oliver that she still loves him, just before she dies. Oliver is haunted by her death and, when granted a dreamscape of his most inner desires while captive by the dominators, dreams that he and Laurel are getting married.

Helena Bertinelli

They meet while Oliver's "undercover" in the local Italian mob in Starling City and flirt almost immediately. Helena tells Oliver her story of how her fiancé was murdered and she wants revenge. Out of shared scarred past they find commonality and sleep together. Oliver eventually discovers that she is The Huntress, akin to Oliver but lacking his "restraint" and focus. He tries to "save" her and for a while they start dating, until Helena meets Laurel and feels betrayed by Oliver enduring love for Laurel. They break up and Oliver has to fight her on several occasions, where she meddles in his relationships with both Tommy and Sara, respectively.

Shado Gulong

Oliver meets Shado on Lian Yu, when Yao Fei Gulong has brought Fyers to the plane and helped capture them. Oliver is furious asking why Yao Fei would help him if he's a traitor, but then they see Shado and learn that she is his daughter. After Fyers kills Yao Fei, Shado, Slade and Oliver manage to escape and Oliver kills Fyers with an arrow. Shado gets to know the guys and tells them how her father disappeared and she looked for him for years. She and Oliver get close and eventually sleep together, but Sara's appearance shows Shado a different side to Oliver. After Slade dies and they are captured by Ivo, the latter shoots Shado dead and Oliver blames himself.


Barry Allen

Main article: Olivarry



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