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Omander is the slash ship between Ander Muñoz and Omar Shanaa from the Élite fandom.


Season 1

Christian convinces Ander to meet with a drug dealer to buy joints. Later, Ander goes on a gay hookup app and meets with an unknown guy, who is revealed to be Ander’s drug dealer Omar. Upon recognising him, Omar leaves and makes an exit. Days later, Ander meets with Omar to buy a joint, but convinces him to stay. Omar insists that he doesn’t like guys, but nonetheless the two start kissing. They start to makeout on a bench, but once they start to get sexual, Ander leaves, citing that he is uncomfortable. Later, Ander texts Omar asking if he still freaked out, but doesn’t respond until late in the evening. He asks him how he’s doing and asks to meet ‘without an excuse’. But after receiving a stern warning from their father, Omar decides against and tells Omar he’s busy.

A few days later, Ander is invited to a party by Christian and there Samu introduces Ander to Omar, though Omar pretends not to already know him, mispronouncing his name as “Andres”. The pair find a quiet room, deal drinks, and then start passionately kissing. Later in the party, the two boys chat with Nano and Christian. Ander gently brushes against Omar’s hand but the two break contact after the others talk about Polo’s sexuality. Ander stands up for Polo, saying it is okay to like guys.

Later in the party, Ander is high and gets another pill from Omar. He also tries to kiss him. Guzman watches and threatens Omar by saying he’s tell his parents if he doesn’t stop giving Ander pills. Outside, Ander tries to get pills from a random group of men, but one of them starts to beat him up and Omar intervenes. They sit down and Omar says that they shouldn’t see each other again.


Omander is the most popular ship in the Élite fandom. It is ranked as the first most popular ship on Archive of Our Own, with just under 100 fanfictions as of January 2020. Videos of Omander are also popular on YouTube with some videos gaining millions of views.

Omander has been popularised as the official ship name. Even Netflix themselves have used the ‘Omander’ ship name in promotions, for instance in the video published on the Netflix UK channel: “Omander: The Story of Omar & Ander” or on the Netflix España and Latinoamérica channels. Netflix also uploaded an image of Omar and Ander to the official Netflix instagram account (@netflix) with the hashtag '#Omander'. The photo gained some homophobic replies, and Netflix itself responded to one with "Sorry couldn’t read your comment while surrounded by all these beautiful rainbows", the text accompanied by a dozen rainbow emojis.[1][2]



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