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On Jaang is the het ship between Aang and On Ji from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


Aang and On Ji first met when the former was enrolled into a Fire Nation school after being seen in a uniform which was really just a disguise. Aang was disguised as a Fire Nation boy named Kuzon and was not fitting in well. On Ji later approached Aang and saw Momo poking his head out of Aang's shirt. She warned him not to be caught with "that monkey" but told him that she is not a tattletale. On Ji then told Aang that she liked his dancing from earlier but then a bully named Hide came up to Aang and warned him, claiming that he was On Ji's girlfriend. She did not respond to that and simply frowned.

Aang decided that the Fire Nation students should be introduced to dancing and decided to hold a secret dance party in a cave. On Ji was invited to this party along with many other students. She and the other students watched Aang dance but nobody was brave enough to try dancing. Aang then approached On Ji and grabbed her and which made her blush. They danced together and On Ji enjoyed it. However, Katara later looked jealous so Aang went to dance with her instead. When the headmaster showed up, On Ji and the other students helped distract him so that Aang could escape.


On Jaang is a somewhat popular pairing within the Avatar fandom. Many fans shipped this along with Zutara because it gives Aang a love interest and is an alternative to Taang. A lot fans like the fact that On Ji fell for Aang without knowing that he is the Avatar and only for what she knew about his personality. In fact, Aang was having trouble with fitting in but On Ji still fell for him. Some fans speculate that she would have been accepting if she learned the truth about Aang. On Jaang most commonly rivals the Kataang and On Jide pairings.



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