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Owluz is the friendship ship between Luz Noceda and Owlbert (aka the Owl Staff) from The Owl House fandom.


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Luz chasing Owlbert when she saw her Azura book in his sack is what led her to discover the creepy magical world of the Boiling Isles, where she learns that the wooden owl is the top part of the Owl Staff that is owned by Eda Clawthorne. Who later uses Owlbert's winged staff mode to spirit her and Luz to safety. Through Eda as she trains Luz, she is able to see and learn Owlbert's other magical abilities, along with discovering those abilities for herself when she wields Owlbert in his Owl Staff mode without Eda's help for the first time. In the Owl House where Owlbert becomes part of Luz's new surrogate family with the others, she spends time with Owlbert in his active mode and rides him in his Owl Staff mode when she and Eda go out.

In "Once Upon a Swap", Luz is given temporally ownership of the Owl Staff to help her better understand Eda's life while being in the witch's body. When the guards capture "Eda" Luz watches Owlbert being taken away from her as the guard places the active palisman in a cage while cuffing him to prevent Owlbert from aiding his "owner." Once Luz was able to knock out Lilith and a guard, she calls Owlbert to her aid which he does before Luz frees him from the cuff. She then apologises for the trouble she got them in before making their escape. After Luz finds Eda and King she gives the Owl Staff back to Eda before they make their way back home.

In "Escape of the Palisman" after Luz sees Eda give Owlbert a little scratch pet under his wing, that Luz finds adorable she asks Eda how she got him. This gets Eda to give Luz a lesson about palismans like Owlbert, as Eda explains that she had made Owlbert from a branch of an ancient tree and how the two of them are bonded for life. Luz then notices the mark on Owlbert's foot that allows him to lock himself onto the staff. After Luz and her friends miss their ride for the game event at their rival school she besides to borrow the Owl Staff, since Owlbert's flying ability will get them there. Luz had accidently hit Owlbert's head on the Owl House and apologises for it before they take off, but because Luz had hit Owlbert like one would hit a horse she losses control of the staff and ends up crashing. Along with injuring Owlbert's head and flies away to the safety of the Bat Queen's nest where she protects abused and elected palismans. Since Luz's recent actions had also hurt Owlbert's trust in her. After hearing this as the Bat Queen who translates Owlbert's words through magic, Luz tells Owlbert that she had never meant to hurt him before asking him to trust her again, but the Bat Queen has Luz urn it back through trails she sets her. Despite Willow and Gus warning Luz that no one has ever passed the Bat Queen's trails, Luz was determent to get Owlbert back by amending for her selfish and careless actions towards him. So he can know that she does care about him and not just due to the fact that Eda will kill Luz once she learns that she lost him. Once Luz complete all three trails she apologises to Owlbert again for the pain she has caused him and promises to be more careful before asking the owl paliman to come back home with him, and while Owlbert does want to go back with Luz the Bat Queen wants him to stay with her and has Luz battle her as a fourth trail. Once Owlbert freed himself he flies to Luz's aid, who has just learned that the Bat Queen was once a paliman who now serves as the protector of the forgotten palimans like her. While Owlbert isn't a forget paliman and proves this to the Bat Queen when he tells her that he cares about Luz, before he nuzzles Luz's cheek and fetches the other part of the staff. Not long after they returned to the Owl House, Luz places a bandage on top of Owlbert's head to make him a member of the boo boo club and when Eda noticed Owlbert is not on the staff he covers for Luz by saying that he and her had went to get ice-cream. While the true events becomes their little secret.

When Lilith captures Luz to draw Eda to the Emperor's Covern before she tries to throw Luz to the sharp spikes under them in "Agony of a Witch", Owlbert becomes active when Eda sends him to save Luz becoming in contact with them when the Owl Staff's owner over used her magic and becomes the owl beast. As Luz tries to stop Lilith from taking Eda away while Owlbert supports Luz, Lilith uses her magic to keep Owlbert from attack her before taking the "turned off" owl paliman and his the rode of his staff with her when she sends Luz away. After Luz got back on her feet in "Young Blood, Old Souls", she goes to save her taken friends and when she runs into a regretful Lilith who wants to help Luz save Eda, the witch gives Owlbert and the rod of the staff back to Luz as a shown of trust. Luz is happy to have him back and nuzzles him against her face. Even though she was earlier given the choice to return back to her normal life on Earth, she decides to remain in the one that Owlbert led her to on the day they met. Along with using the Owl Staff to confront the Emperor until Eda manged to spirit them all to safety.


Eda's Cursed Brush

  • Luz uses Eda's lipstick to draw an Owlbert-like owl on her hand and moved it in away that makes the drawing look like it is moving its wings. While saying "hoot, hoot" as she does so.

Hooty's Moving Hassle

  • Luz watch Owlbert play around of Hexes Hold'em with Eda, who beats the owl Palisman.
  • To get Eda to get the elixir she needs, Luz hands the Hexes Hold'em cards to Owlbert knowing that Eda would follow him.


“Owlbert come to me.”
— Luz calling out to him as Eda in Once Upon a Swap


Like with Eda, fans love the bond Luz forms with Owlbert after "Escape of the Palisman" aired and continued to see it grow in the other season one episodes, along with hoping to see other Owluz-like moments in season two. Owlbert's Owl Staff mode could also have fans view the friendship between him and Luz as a cargo ship, since Luz has wielded the Owl Staff a few times and there have been fans who draw Luz wielding the Owl Staff or simply spending time with Owlbert. Because of Owlbert's owl form and Luz being a human who wields magic and helps those in need, it inspires fans to depict them as Cassandra and Owl from Tangled and other human owl duos for fun. Just as a Pokémon AU commonly has Luz partnered up with one of the owl-like Pokémon (like a Rowlet), to serve as Owlbert's Pokémon counterpart.

There are a few theories of Owlbert being handed down to Luz once she becomes a fullfleg witch, or that the palisman of her own staff would be modelled after him.

On AO3, the friendship ship only has three fanfics while the one between Owlbert and Eda has eight.



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  • The show's openings has Luz riding and holding the Owl Staff like it is hers.


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