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Ozzy is the het shipping between Izzy and Owen from the Total Drama fandom.


Izzy and Owen met on Total Drama Island, where they ended up on the same team, the Screaming Gophers, after Izzy switches teams with Katie in the second episode. Although they got subtle ship tease prior to Izzy's first elimination, such as when both were curious about the food in the first episode, when Owen was impressed by Izzy's dance in the fifth, or when both had to face the same fear in Phobia Factor, it became much more prominent following Izzy's return to the show.

She was hesistant to join Heather and Lindsay in voting him off in Hide and Be Sneaky, listing the reasons why she likes him. Assuming Geoff didn't lie about not voting for Bridgette, she likely ended up voting for her over Owen. They finally showed interest in each other and made out in Hook, Line, and Screamer, only for Izzy to hold a grudge against Owen after he threw her at the supposed psycho killer to defend himself. In the following episode, Owen tries to earn Izzy's forgiveness, but her elimination cuts this short. In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, Owen finally snaps at Heather, after being nice to her longer than anyone else, after she insulted Izzy. Despite being mad at him earlier, Izzy supports Owen in the finale and is among the contestants who actively try to help him in challenges. In the special episode, Owen declares his love for her, only for her to barf.

They both advance to Total Drama Action, where they end up on the same team, the Killer Grips, once again. Owen is seen jealous when Izzy shows a romantic interest in an animatronic monster in Monster Cash. Once again, their relationship doesn't get much focus prior to her first elimination, this time as a result of it happening early. Once more, their romance get to be more developed following her return on the show.

Both qualify for Total Drama World Tour, where they're teammates yet again, as a result of Izzy switching teams with Sierra in the second episode. While not heavily focused, they get more moments together as a result. However, in Jamaica Me Sweat, Owen contemplates breaking up with Izzy due to her being dangerous. Instead, it's Izzy, as her new intelligent persona called Brainzilla, who breaks up with him instead. Although Owen is distraught by the break-up and Izzy returns to her original character in the following episode, they never interact again, making it unclear where their relationship stands after their break-up.


The ship sailed as a result of Izzy and Owen's canon relationship with each other. Its main ship rivals are Nowen and Nizzy, although some include Noah in a polyship with the two. Sometimes, Eva, another member of "Team E-Scope" is also included.

While the ship is popular for pairing up two goofy comic relief characters, its popularity is nowhere near as high as the show's main couples, such as Gwent's, Duncney's or Aleheather's. Another reason for the smaller popularity is that they've got less screentime together, although the ship only suffered from this in the first season, and even there they've got a fair amount of moments together. The ship's popularity increased with the second season giving them more development.

Fans agree that their break up was handled poorly, as Owen suddenly worries about his girlfriend's insanity being a threat to him and Izzy breaks up with him under a different persona - Brainzilla. With Izzy returning to "normal" in the very next episode" and the two never interacting again afterwards, the break up was not received well, even by those who weren't big shippers of the two.



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  • They are both on the same team in the first three seasons, making them the only couple to always be on the same team. However, Izzy had to switch teams twice to achieve this.
  • This is one of three pairs to be on the same team on every season they participate, the others being Gwen and Heather and DJ and Harold.
  • This is the fifth main couple to have broken up (after Lesharold, Gwent, Gidgette, and Duncney), and is currently one out of the six major couples that is currently broken up (Lesharold, Gwent, Duncney, Gwuncan, and Scottney being the others) and did not get back together.
    • This is also the only broken up couple that has no interactions between the members after their break up.
  • This is the first couple from the original cast to have both members make an extra guest appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island with the second being Gwuncan. They are also the first male and female veteran to have an individual cameo appearance.
  • This is the only couple to be eliminated more than once in a single season.
  • This is one of two couples from the original cast to appear on Skatoony, with the other couple being Lesharold.
  • They, Ezekiel and Blaineley are the only non-competing contestants to make a cameo in Total Drama All-Stars.


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