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PK Psychic Trio is the poly ship between Aiura Mikoto, Saiki Kusuo and Toritsuka Reita from the The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. fandom.


The three had first met altogether after Aiura had followed Saiki to the teashop, and Toritsuka noticed them, wondering if they were on a date. Aiura falsely claims that they are dating, greatly surprising the latter. Saiki gags the two with towels, and then reveals that he's told the two abiut his powers, angering them both. He then watches as the two fight over who's powers are better. They then ask Saiki who's better to be his sidekick, until he sees a cockroach and falls to the ground. Aiura asks what's wrong, and Toritsuka nags her, telling her that Saiki's afraid of bugs, much to the latter's dismay.

They then compete again, and say that whoever is succesfully able to chase the bug away gets to be Saiki's sidekick. As the bugs goes towards Aiura, she initially faces it with bug spray, only to reveal that she is also afraid of bugs. Toritsuka then mocks her and takes the spirit of a bug catcher, and goes to squash it with his hand. They're interuppted by the manager of the teashop, who swats it himself. Both are left disappointed, and Saiki tells the manager that he is now his sidekick.

Later, they are proclaimed to be the "PK Academy Psychikers", much to Saiki's dismay. At some point, Toritsuka comes up to them and announces that one of his classmate's cat is missing, and asks them to help him. While they are at first hesitant, they then accept. Aiura takes her fortune ball and finds it. Toritsuka tells the two that he can take care of it, and grabs the "spirit" of someone who is still alive. Both Aiura and Saiki are weirded out, and make fun of him after he is unsuccesful in capturing the cat. Saiki then teleports to it before they can notice. After they leave, Aiura looks into the future and sees that a train is going to crash. She tries to communicate with the others with telepathy, which doesn't work. She instead calls the two, and tells them about the incident. Saiki grabs Toritsuka and and teleports onto the train, who tells him to take the spirit of a train driver and take control of the train. He does so, and after Toritsuka is caught by the police, Aiura and Saiki pretend as if they don't know him.

After Toritsuka is captured by Kusuke and Saiki has to fight him, Aiura keeps check of them.


This ship is a moderately popular ship. They are often featured alongside Akechi Touma, who was also invited into the Psychikers. While it has a great lack of works on AO3, fans appear to greatly love their dynamic, and how they interact. Despite being viewed more as a friendship, their close bond is appreciated, which makes it a very popular poly ship inside the fandom. While Saiki is naturally an emotionally blank person, people have seen that Aiura and Toritsuka are people who Saiki manage to feel comfortable with, and who trust them. Although a side of fans see them as a romance, how they interact is usually compared to a family, Saiki being the parent and Toritsuka and Aiura being the children who constantly fight.



Aiura/Saiki/Toritsuka tag on AO3


AiuTsuka refers to the ship between Toritsuka Reita and Aiura Mikoto
KusuRei refers to the ship between Saiki Kusuo and Toritsuka Reita
PK Psychic Kids refers to the ship between the three and Akechi Touma
Saiai refers to the ship between Saiki Kusuo and Aiura Mikoto


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