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Padka is the femslash ship between Padmé Amidala and Ahsoka Tano from the Star Wars fandom.


Padme Amidala (arc)


Padmé is in a senator meeting for the budget of the war, she wants negotiation but no one is agreeing. Ahsoka watches on trying to learn the politics of the council. Anakin tries to explain it to her, but Padmé doesn't believe he's doing it right and pulls Ahsoka away to teach her about politics properly.

Back in Padmé's office, she expresses to Ahsoka how she wants to get in contact with Senator Mina Bonteri, a Seperatist friend of hers, which shocks Ahsoka. Padmé explains that the Seperatists were part of the Republic before they left, and she was close with many of the one's that did leave. Ahsoka encourages her to talk to the Senator, but it was made illegal by the senate. Padmé realizes that Ahsoka being a jedi would give her special clearance that could get her to the senator. Ahsoka agrees to do it and remarks on how similar she and Anakin actually are. Padmé diverts her and says that they're headed to Raxas.

The two are able to get to Raxas and Padmé introduces Ahsoka to Mina. She's a little confused by Mina, but goes with her to her home. Padmé and Mina begin to talk, but Ahsoka is still wary of her. She finds out that Mina's husband was killed by clones, and excuses herself.

The two listen to the result of the Separatist vote, and they decide to allow negotiations. The next day they head back to Coruscant. Ahsoka joins Padmé when she talks to the Chancellor about taking the Separatist up on their proposal. The vote is moved to the floor, but Dooku set a plan and sabotages it. Ahsoka watches a defeated Padmé as the senators yell around her.

Padmé brings Anakin back to Ahsoka, who is angry that they would do something so illegal. Ahsoka doesn't regret it, since it helped her realize that the war wasn't as black and white as she originally thought.


More of a rare pair in the Star Wars fandom. This is mostly due to their limited interactions, and some seeing the dynamic as more of a mother/daughter relationship.



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