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“Hmph. You're so cheeky... You deserve an ugly nickname. Oh, Paimon knows! From now on, you'll be known as Tone-Deaf Bard”
— Paimon to Venti

PaiVenti is the friendship between Paimon and Venti from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Prologue: Act I

Paimon and the Traveler first encounter Venti in a forest, Venti can be seen talking to a dragon who'll later be known as Dvalin. Paimon whispers to the Traveler until Venti overhears them and leaves.

Prologue: Act II

Eventually, the two meet again as Paimon spots Venti. After spotting Venti, Paimon and the Traveler go after Venti and eventually catch up to him. Immediately Venti recognizes the two as the two who scared Dvalin away. Paimon questions why did Venti call him Dvalin as he was mainly known as Stormterror. He then mentions that the two are close, Paimon then whispers to the Traveler that she thinks Venti has a screw loose. Afterwar, Venti introduces himself to Paimon and the Traveler. Paimon tells Venti that now he recognizes them, she questions about Stormterror. Venti jokes about not knowing about Stormterror until Paimon tells him to cut the amnesia act, and then telling the Traveler to show Venti the crystal. They look at the crystal and Paimon is surprised how the crystal has been purified, Venti mentions to the two that Dvalin has been in tears which confuses Paimon.

Prologue: Act III

While trying to go to Stormterror's Lair but there was a wind barrier so Venti had to remove the wind barrier, Paimon was impressed and tells Venti that he is not entirely useless. When the Traveler goes towards Stormterror's Lair, Paimon says it's stuck, then Venti copied what Paimon saying by it's stuck. Venti also copied another thing that Paimon saying. When trying to enter the tower, Venti asked himself why he is so diligent, too diligent for a poet. Paimon then says, so said the person that made zero effort to search for the dragons tears and drank in the tavern all day. Paimon proceeded to say that she doesn't get it, what part of him is remotely diligent.

After defeating Dvalin, the Traveler with Paimon, Venti and Jean at the Cathedral to give Barbara the Holy Lyre Der Himmel. When the Traveler gave it to her, Barbara was shocked as the Holy Lyre Der Himmel was broken. So Venti recovered it, while Barbara left, Venti tells that the magic he used isn't going to last long he said. Making Paimon trying to get him as he runs. Paimon then witnesses the Fatui trying to attack Venti, however before turning their backs, Paimon is then frozen by Signora's delusion, cryo. Later Paimon and the Traveler are awaken with the help of Barbara, they notice that Venti had went missing and Barabara mentions her healing had no affect on Venti but he awoken first. Paimon then remembers Venti heals under the Anemo Archon Statue in Windrise.


Paimon“Oh? And what plan would that be?”
Venti“Seeing this tear has brought to mind a friend so dear.”
Venti“Heh-heh, one must be going.”
Paimon“Hey! Where're you running off to!?”
Venti“To the "Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero." Bye-bye~”
— Prolouge: Act II (That Green Fellow)
Paimon“Is that really important right now, Master Diluc!? And you — did you just borrow the Holy Lyre to play music just for drunkards to hear?”
Paimon“What do you mean "hehe"!?”


In one of the most popular friendships in the fandom, not including fan written works. Most of their friendship tends to be comedic in game and outside as Paimon is known for giving nasty remarks and giving Venti a bad nickname for comedic purposes. There isn't as much fan written works on Archive on Our Own, however there is art that tends to include Lumine or Aether as well. Sometimes in the art it tends to have Venti getting revenge on Paimon by playing pranks on her.



Paimon & Venti tag on AO3


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