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Pallura is the femslash ship between Princess Allura and Pidge from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Allura meets Pidge at the same time as she meets the other Earthlings when she comes out of a cyropod after a 10,000-year sleep. Pidge, being a techie, is fascinated by all the Altean technology around her and keenly observes how Allura operates it. Allura notices this and assigns Pidge to pilot the Green Lion.

Pidge is the first to bring a playful side out of Allura, though it was mostly through tension. Pidge, stressed out, snaps that Allura is no princess of theirs, and this prompts Allura to start a food fight that everyone enjoys.

At a party in the castle, Allura is gossiping with her pet mice and finds out that Pidge is actually a girl. Allura is happy to learn that there is another female on the team, and instantly goes to talk to Pidge. She tries to get Pidge to reveal the information herself, winking at her and dropping hints about how they "have a lot in common." Pidge doesn't seem to get it though. When Allura points out that they both lost their fathers to the Galra, Pidge then admits something else—that she's planning to leave Team Voltron to find her family. Allura is upset about this and tries to convince her to stay, but Pidge has made up her mind. She snaps at Allura, asking her if she's would get her father back if she had the chance, then storms off.

Later, however, Pidge decides to stay with the team and all is forgiven.

While the characters haven't had much screentime together after this, they are often shown encouraging each other as teammates, such as when Pidge got excited over Allura piloting the Blue Lion.


Season 2

Across the Universe

  • Pidge makes a junk sculpture of Allura. While pretending to be her, she says, "Paladins, please! We must defeat Zarkon!"

Season 7

  • Pidge compliments Allura for her idea on their plan on defeating Sendak on Earth.
  • Allura joins Pidge and her family on questioning a hologram of Sendak.

Season 8

  • Allura comforts Pidge when discovering the destruction of Olkarion.
  • Pidge tells Allura she'll miss her and cries into her shoulder when she is about to sacrifice herself.


The ship is a rarepair in the Voltron fandom, although it does have a decent amount of content since it is one of the very few femslash ships in the series, and the only one between main characters.



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  • In the original Defender of The Universe series, all the members of the original Voltron team had a crush on Allura, including Pidge. Although, Pidge was a boy back in the original series.


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