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Pallurance is the polyship between Allura, Lance and Pidge from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Pidge, Lance and Allura are paladins and teammates who have had consistently positive interactions throughout the show.

Pidge and Lance are shown to be best friends. Pidge teases Lance, and Lance throws the occasional jibe her way. Their banter is overall friendly, though in some cases Lance has been shown to take her remarks a little personally. The two have been shown to be video game partners, and hang out together on their days off.

As the only two girls on the team, Pidge and Allura, while not having nearly enough screen time together, are shown to have a special kind of bond that the boys can't intrude on.

From the beginning of the show, Lance has sought after Allura, his crush on her large and obvious.


While a rare-pair, the ship is still there. It is normally portrayed to be a very fluffy, loving relationship, with little to no conflict among them.



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  • In the original Voltron, both Pidge and Lance had feelings for Princess Allura.


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