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Pallurance is the poly ship between Allura, Lance and Pidge from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Pidge, Lance and Allura are paladins and teammates who have had consistently positive interactions throughout the show. Pidge and Lance are shown to be best friends. Pidge teases Lance, and Lance throws the occasional jibe her way. Their banter is overall friendly, though in some cases Lance has been shown to take her remarks a little personally. The two have been shown to be video game partners, and hang out together on their days off. As the only two girls on the team, Pidge and Allura, while not having nearly enough screen time together, are shown to have a special kind of bond that the boys can't intrude on. While at the beginning of the show, Lance has sought after Allura, with his crush on her being large and quite obvious.

Season 6

After Lance noticed that Allura growing closer to Lotor by the minuet, Pidge could see that Lance wasn't happy with it and teases him a little by making him think that Allura would end up with Lotor. As for Lance he has come to realise that he deeply cares about Allura.

When Allura and Lance find Pidge playing a game called Monsters & Mana with Hunk, Shiro and Coran, to serve as a well needed track and with Lance and Allura having nothing better to do they decide to join in. As they join Pidge in her question to save help a wizard save his village, along with Pidge's character searching for a family treasure that was stolen from her. By working together with their character's talents and newly gained items, they are able to beat the finale boss and win the game. That has allowed them to do some team building while having fun at the same time.

Season 8

After the three and the rest of their allies saved Earth from Sendek and were getting ready to go back into battle again, Lance asks Allura on a date that she informs Pidge of so she can help her find an outfit for it. Pidge was surprised with the fact that Allura has agreed to go on a date with Lance, and had looked a little upset by it, but she still helps Allura by giving up the video game she just got so Allura can buy a dress. That Lance finds beautiful when he saw Allura in it. At the end of the date Lance and Allura became boyfriend and girlfriend, while Pidge remined their friend.

Before they went to the Clear Day celebration, Allura had saved one of the Altean mech piolets from a dark entity that Honerva placed within Tabo and began to feel a little ill. Lance had promised to bring Allura something nice back from the convivial and when he tells Pidge this she offers to help him, as Pidge used all of her tickets to get Allura a jewel decorated helmet while Lance got Allura a plushie of the Blue Lion. When the two were away, however, Allura was drawn to the entity as it got her to think that she needs its power to defeat Honerva. By the time Lance and Pidge returned to the Atlas they learn that Allura had collapsed while the entity was gone. Allura explained her actions to them after she woke up and even though they weren't happy about it, the two still agree to help Allura with her plan to under Honerva's plan by entering her mind.

Once they managed to stop Honerva from destroying the last remaining reality, the three tell Honerva why they should exist and how their mistakes makes them stronger while opening doors to many ways of peace. Seeing how much Honerva regrets her actions and believes that the damage cannot be undo Allura makes the decision to part way with her friends so she can use her own life force to restore the realities. Pidge and Lance didn't want Allura to die, but she reassures them that they'll be fine without her and how the rest of their mission for peace will be in their hands. Both Pidge and Lance cry as they say their goodbyes to Allura. After Allura's sacrifice restores both the destroyed realities and their reality's Altea, Pidge and Lance made it their mission to maintain the peace they had helped Allura forged through their shared time together. With Lance sharing Allura's message while Pidge helps to create the next generation of defenders of the Universe. Form time to time Lance and Pidge meet up with the rest of their Voltron family to have a feast in Allura's memory on Altea.


While a rare-pair, the ship is still there. It is normally portrayed to be a very fluffy, loving relationship, with little to no conflict among them.



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  • In the original Voltron, both Pidge and Lance had feelings for Princess Allura.


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