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Pamlina is the femslash ship between Pamela Isley and Selina Kyle from the DC Comics and Gotham fandoms.


Season 1


While Selina wanders through and alley, she hears someone coughing. She removes some trash and finds Ivy in a makeshift shelter. Selina asks how she is, and Ivy says that she's good. Selina says that Ivy needs a doctor, but Ivy doesn't want one. She says she's fine, and that she's just realizing. Selina thinks of a place they can go, and pulls Ivy out of the shelter. Selina then supports Ivy as they walk out of the alley.

Selina then breaks into Barbara Kean's apartment and let's Ivy in. She says they should be safe since Barbara and Jim are gone, but they'll only stay till Ivy is better. Ivy asks what they'll do if the people come home, and Selina says that the place is covered in dust. Nobody's coming. Ivy asks whose place it is, and Selina asks why she asks so many questions. She then tells her to lie down while she gets a blanket.


Barbara returns to her penthouse where she finds Selina and Ivy. She is a little shocked, but ends up just joining them on the couch for junkfood.

Barbara comes downstairs and shows off a dress that she was planning to wear when she meets Jim, but both Selina and Ivy say nah. Selina says that she's trying too hard, and both agree that she needs to be more casual.


Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

  • Bruce has Ivy deliver a message to Selina.


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Pamlina is a rarepair in both the Gotham and DC fandoms. It is typically shipped by those who are fans of the Batman villainesses. As well as those who love to see the two and Harley Quinn together.

On AO3, Pamlina has 80 works.



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Gotham City Sirens refers to the ship between Harley Quinn, Selina and Pamela


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