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PanJosé is the slash ship between José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles from the Disney and DuckTales fandoms.


The Town Where Everyone Was Nice

Donald waits for Panchito and José when a plane flies over and José parachutes down. Panchito then plays a song, and José lands next to him as fireworks go off. They do their secret handshake with Donald and Panchito goes to say hi to the Triplets. Panchito asks if they remember them, and José says that the last time they saw them they were eggs. José reminds Donald of when he insisted that he could juggle them and Panchito remembers that he dropped one (most likely Dewey). Scrooge interupts and acts who is paying for this trip, and José says that he is paying for it since he's testing it out as a travel consultant. Panchito's phone then goes off and he says that it's his agent again. He says his life as an international pop star really eats up his time, but this weekend is about the Three Caballeros. Dewey wants to know everything embarrassing about Donald, but José says that Donald was always the cool one, and Panchito wants to know what Donald has been doing all these years. José assuming that he's super awesome and impressive now.

They walk through town and José remembers their show in Alcopoco. Donald remembers the crowd, and José specifically remembers that the crowd hated Donald. Panchito reminds him that when Donald got to his solo, they hit him with a chair, and José says that Donald got a concussion. Donald's not sure that he did and they all laugh, and José reminds him that he made them finish their set as they made their way to the exit. Panchito broke his guitar over someone's head, and José says that it was Donald's. Panchito kept playing because "The Show Must Go On". They do a small celebration dance, until José knocks them over and they all laugh. Panchito says that they used to be such knuckleheads, and José says that they're now grown up, successful and responsible. Panchito says that they're not those carefree guys anymore and they all sigh in agreement.

Music starts to play on the radio, and José starts to dance along. Panchito grabs José's umbrella and starts to "play" it like a flute. They then all start to dance, and then they all inform Huey and Scrooge that they're getting the band back together. José says he can talk to his people about playing in the festival, and Panchito suggests that Donald could pay for a tour. Panchito then yells that the Caballeros will be opening for him, as José and Donald give him an annoyed look. Panchito says they can work out who opens for who later, as he walks out with José.

José and Panchito are practicing when Donald runs over and says that they have to leave. They assume he means onto the stage, and Donald says that the crowd is going to eat them, and José says they've done rough crowds before. Panchito starts to tell the story of one of his crazier fans, but Donald tries to stop them from moving. José says he pulled strings to get them the gig, and Panchito says that he never cancels a performance. José assumes that Donald thinks he's so rich that he doesn't need them anymore and Panchito thinks that the screams of terror from outside are for them. Donald finally admits that he lied about billionaire to impress them, and Panchito says that he's disappointed in Donald. José then admits he lied to and is only just a flight attendant who used all his points to pay for the trip. Panchito then says that he needed the tour, and admits that he is lying as well. He didn't make it big, and thought this was going to relaunch his career. José says that they're not so different from college, and Donald says that it would have been nice to play together one more time. The evil plant pulls down the curtain and Donald becomes angry, ready to charge out and fight it to save the kids. Panchito stops him and says that they have a gig, which José says they'll do like they did in Acapulco.

The three defeat the evil flower and get onto the Sunchaser. José says that was better than Acapulco, and Huey joins them to say that when you're true to yourself, things work out. Panchito points out that things did, and suggests getting the band back together. Scrooge then comes over and breaks Panchito's guitar to stop that from happening.

Louie's Eleven

The Three Caballeros start their song, as Panchito takes over singing from Donald. José then interrupts and says to drop the beat so he can dance, but Panchito says that he was getting to the good part. José says that this is the good part and the two start to squabble and cause the stage to fall apart. Scrooge then asks why they're in his bathroom, and José says that they wanted to give him a taste of their tour, Panchito adding that it hasn't been pair for yet. José knows how busy Scrooge is, but Panchito thinks he wouldn't want to miss out on the chance to sponsor the tour. They start to haggle pricing, when Scrooge calls Duckworth to kick the three out of the house.

José says that's the fourth rich guys bathroom they've been kicked out of, and Panchito asks what they're doing wrong. Louie then appears and asks if they want to be famous, and Panchito and José jump at the opportunity. Donald's hesitant, but Panchito tells him to be quiet, while José says that they'll pay Louie double to make it happen.

At Glamour's party, Louie has Panchito and José split off to get to the guard by the stage. Panchito plans to charm her, but all he gets it thrown across the room again. José gives him a smirk and Panchito sarcastically asks if José is just going to dance his way past her.

José starts to try and distract her, but nothing is working. He asks where Donald is with the stage pass, and Panchito says no one can get past the guard. She's then knocked out and the two are tied together by some hired thugs. After Louie releases them, José fights the hired thugs while Panchito causes them a headache with his singing. After they're taken out, the two compliment each other.


The Town Where Everyone Was Nice

  • José and Panchito catch up and laugh, and believe Donald's lie about taking over the family business.
  • José says that Panchito has classic Brazilian hospitality.
  • Panchito and José both shout "Ay caramba" at Donald's singing.
  • Panchito wears José's hat for his disguise.
  • José bumps into Panchito which causes a squabble.
  • José and Panchito tie up the thugs and cheer on Donald.

Louie's Eleven

  • José steals the pen and contract from Panchito.
  • Panchito and José lift up Donald and the kids to look into the museum.


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PanJosé is fairly popular among Disney cartoon fans. The two are mostly seen together, and are rarely apart. As a result it is fairly easy for fans to ship them. Popular among PanJosé fans is depicting Donald as a third wheel really annoyed that they haven't gotten together yet.

On AO3, PanJose is the second most written for both Panchito and José. It is also the second most written ship in the The Three Caballeros (1944) and Legend of the Three Caballero tags.



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The Three Caballeros refers to the ship between Donald Duck, José and Panchito


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