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PantherHawk is the slash ship between Clint Barton and T'Challa from the Marvel fandom.


Avenger's Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Masters of Evil

While with T’Challa at the Wakandan Embassy, Clint starts to complain that the Avengers are going to fall apart at any moment, and questions why T’Challa, a king would be on the team. He questions if T’Challa is just bored as he tastes the paste he’s making. Clint spits it out and asks what it’s meant to be. T’Challa says that it’s actually applied to the skin and used to enhance the senses. He also says it’s poisonous to anyone not in the royal bloodline and Clint quickly goes to wash it out. T’Challa smiles to himself, happy that Clint fell for his joke.

After getting the call to the mansion, Clint and T’Challa look in and see the Avengers getting kidnapped by a group of Supervillains. Clint suggests calling in SHIELD, but T’Challa says that the battle would destroy the city, and the other Avengers. Clint asks what he suggests, but T’Challa just knows that it’s up to them.

After getting captured by the villains, Tony yells at Clint about why they didn’t bring in SHIELD. Clint tells T’Challa “I told you so” just as Zemo starts to threaten them. T’Challa says that he’ll meet his end with pride, but Clints gonna meet his with kicking and screaming. Zemo wants Steve to chose who dies first, but Clint volunteers himself so he can stop listening to Zemo. Zemo asks if he really thought the two of them could defeat them, but Clint turns to T’Challa and thinks it’s weird that Zemo thought they were trying to defeat him. T’Challa says Zemo is misguided and that they were actually just causing a distraction so Hank could get to his lab.

After defeating the villains, Clint falls to the couch and says he’s not sure if he wants to be on a team he constantly has to save every week. T’Challa suggests that they might elect him team leader, and Clint happily asks if actually thinks so.

Captain America: Civil War

Clint fires several arrows at T'Challa, which he easily dodges. He catches two that fire in his face, but brushes it off. Clint realizes that they haven't met yet, and introduces himself as he turns his bow into a staff. T'Challa says that he doesn't care and the two start to fight. Clint gets him in a headlock, but T'Challa breaks the bow and is able to knock Clint out before running off.


Season 1

Gamma World Part 1

  • T’Challa chases Clint alongside the other Avengers.

Gamma World Part 2

  • Gamma!T’Calla catches Clint’s arrow in his mouth.

Masters of Evil

  • Clint rests his arm on T’Challa’s shoulder and leans against him.

Widow's Sting

  • T’Challa thinks that it would help for Clint to have backup while going after HYDRA.
  • T’Challa points out that they now know Clint’s weakness when he immediately allows Bobbi to join them.
  • T’Challa calls Hydra’s plan sound.
  • T’Challa says he has faith that Clint will find a way to contact them, just as he does so.
  • T’Challa throws Clint his quiver.
  • T’Challa and Steve carry Clint off HYDRA island.
  • T’Challa tells Clint that Tony wants a word with them.

The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

  • T’Challa and Clint corner Kang.

Come the Conqueror

  • Clint asks if the robots are aliens, but T’Challa thinks they come from Kang.
  • Steve orders Clint and T’Challa to fire on the robots.

The Ultron Imperative

  • T’Challa launches over Clint and takes out the invisible Iron Man behind him.
  • Clint helped T’Challa up after the battle.
  • Clint volunteers him and T’Challa to take out the Iron Men.
  • When T’Challa turns to Clint, but Clint already knows he made a dumb decision.
  • Clint and T’Challa help Bruce walk after the battle with Ultron.

Avengers: Endgame

  • T'Challa tells Clint to throw him the Nano Gauntlet, and he does so.


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PantherHawk is a rare pair in most Marvel fandoms. It is even more rare, especially, in the MCU. The ship does have some appreciation in the Earth's Mightiest Heroes part of the Marvel fandom. MCU fans think it is amusing how in Civil War T'Challa stated that he didn't care what Clint's name was, yet he called out his name later in Endgame.

On AO3, The pairing has 15 fanfictions as per November 2021.



T'Challa/Clint tag on AO3


  • In the Next Avengers universe, both T'Challa and Clint fathered a son who inherited their hero titles after their deaths. The new Black Panther and Hawkeye team up with the other children of the original Avengers to become the Next Avengers.


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