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Paper Sheep is the femslash ship between Carmen Sandiego and Paper Star from the Carmen Sandiego fandom.


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Back when Carmen went by "Black Sheep", she met the odd girl who became Paper Star during her due-over year at V.I.L.E. Academy and the unique spin she added to Shadowsan's Stealth 101 class made her stand out. Sometime after Carman left V.I.L.E. Island and decide to make it her personal mission to take them down, Paper Star graduated as one of V.I.L.E.'s psychotic thieves who Carman faces on her capers. When Professor Maelstrom asks Paper Star if she'll be able to take down Carman, she responds by throwing one of her paper ninja stars at a skeleton to cut off its head. As it shows that Paper Star's loyalty to V.I.L.E. is the reason why she won't hesitate to gravely harm Carman.

Their paths cross when Carman goes to Mumbai, India in order to keep V.I.L.E. from stealing the Magna Carta, and once she saw the sharp origami ninja stars she knew who the operative is. She takes a quick moment to remember Paper Star and her signer skill before she goes to face her. Once Carman made her presence known to Paper Star, she begins to attack Carman with her arsenal of folded pager and when Paper Star ran out of the paper she brought with her, she uses whatever page she can get her hands on. During their battle, Paper Star calls Carman by her original code name and as Carman takes cover from Paper Star's attack, she manages to slice off a part of Carman's red hat. After Paper Star got the Magna Carta, she uses a streamed banner to restrain Carman and giggles as she watches Carman struggling to get out of it, before she takes off. The next day Carman looks at the hat Paper Star ruined and angrily states that Paper Star owns her a new hat. While V.I.L.E. regulations requires Paper Star to hand the goods over to another operative, she choose to deliver the Magna Carta to the drop off point herself. Even though this surprised Carman, it did give her a second change to take on Paper Star and reclaim the stole Magna Carta from her. Due to their first battle, Carman took Paper Star's sheets of page to keep her from making her origami weapons, but had failed to notice the train's pantiles. Carman did try to keep Paper Star from getting her hands on them and during their struggle, she manages to take the Magna Carta from her. Paper Star realises this after she got the pantiles. By the time Carman got herself on top of the train's roof, Paper Star catches up to her and tries to attack Carman with her origami stars but the wind blows them away. Carman smiles as she tells Paper Star that "wind beats paper". Even though Carman got the Magna Carta away from an upset Paper Star, the V.I.L.E. operative had managed to pick pocket the A.C.M.E. card that Carman took from Chase Devineaux. Carman realises this after she secretly dropped the Magna Carta into Julia Argent's care. Sometime after Paper Star gave the card she took from Carman to the faculty, they use some of it's information to plan a trap for Carman.

Their paths cross again in Japan when Paper Star was tasked to help Lady Dokuso set a trap for Carman's mentor and new ally, Shadowsan. Since Japan is where the folding art of origami originates from, Carman wasn't too surprised to see Paper Star in the said Asian continent. As Carman glides to the temple that houses the other Daisho sword, Paper Star spies the red thief in the air before she starts to throw her origami ninja stars at Carman to make her crash. After Carman examines her damaged gilder to find Paper Star's handy work, the said V.I.L.E. operative makes her presence known to Carman as she reminds her that "sheep don't fly" on her watch, before she starts to throw more of her origami stars at her. Thanks to Player Carman learns that Paper Star isn't the thief of the theft she wants to prevent, but the decoy. Not long after Carman got the location on the stolen sword, she runs into Paper Star again when she opened the crate that Paper Star was hiding in with the sword. The two first fought each other with fans, that got Carman to call Paper Star "Fan Girl", until she drops the fans in order take the sword from the V.I.L.E. operative by tackling her. As Paper Star cashes after Carman while realising that she doesn't have any paper on her, she drops her guard when she corns Carman in an aria that has paper lanterns. Knowing that Paper Star would try on attack her with any kind of paper that she is able to get her hands on some paper lanterns, but Carman had her friends place glue on the lanterns earlier on and made sure that Paper Star followed her to that pacific location. Paper Star was angry that Carman managed to defeat her again and this time she wasn't able to present the faculty with anything to make up for her failure.

After Carman helped A.C.M.E. to finally take V.I.L.E. down, Paper Star was one of the many operatives who got away. Even though Carman disbanded Team Red after Shadowsan gave her the chance to walk away and start a new life with her long lost mother, she does dawn back on her Carmen Sandiego garb two years later when she got a lead on Paper Star. Not long after Carman defeats Paper Star and knows that A.C.M.E. will be arriving at the museum Paper Star tried to rob from, she ties and gags Paper Star so they'll be able to arrest her. Carman makes sure that her A.C.M.E. friends see the captured Paper Star before she disappears into the night.


The Chasing Paper Caper

  • When Carman saw the name "Tammy Origami", she knew that this was Paper Star under an alias.

Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not To Steal

  • When it was time for Carman to deliver the items that V.I.L.E. forced her to steal for them, Paper Star is tasked to inform them of her arrival.
  • Carman's signature red hat and coat hat allowed Paper Star to spy her from the top of the the lighthouse with her binoculars. By the time Paper Star realizes that the "Carman" she was spying on was actually Julia Argent, the real Carmen Sandiego had already got away.


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While Paper Sheep isn't as popular as Carulia or Paper Tiger, it still has a few loyal fans. Due to their many encounters and battles in the series. The fact that Carman was raised by the villain organisation that trained the both of them and the energy from a scene in "The Chasing Paper Caper", it inspired a small group of fans to compare Paper Sheep with Catradora from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom [1].

Even though Paper Sheep has no presence on FanFiction.Net and Deviantart, it does have small fan bases on AO3 and Tumblr.



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