Papyghetti is the cargo ship between Papyrus and spaghetti from the Undertale fandom.


Papyrus learned his (bad) cooking skills from Royal Guard leader Undyne. As Undyne felt like Papyrus was too kind to be a member of the Royal Guard, she started giving him cooking lessons instead of training him for the Royal Guard.

Papyrus has cooked spaghetti many times. Although his cooking is considered bad, it has improved, as the spaghetti he cooked eventually became edible. Papyrus never eats his spaghetti, and instead assumes others love it.

When attempting to capture Frisk, one of the traps Papyrus used was a frozen spaghetti. When Frisk walked past it without eating it, Papyrus assumed it was because Frisk wanted to leave it for Papyrus. Later, if the two go on a date, Papyrus will give Frisk spaghetti. In order to even have him agree to the date, Frisk must fit his "very high standards." Said standards being able to make spaghetti.


Due to Papyrus' association with spaghetti, Papyghetti is among the most popular cargoships in the Undertale fandom. Papyrus' association with spaghetti is a meme, notable enough to have a page on Know Your Meme.



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