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Parkwood is the femslash ship between Skye Parkin and Penny Haywood from the Harry Potter fandom.


Ever since her early childhood, Penny had been a fan of the Wigtown Wanderers and in particular, the Parkin family, which was the family that founded the Quidditch team. When Penny was at Hogwarts and learned that Skye, a Parkin, had joined a Quidditch team, Penny became excited. She rooted for the Quidditch team in which Skye was, even if that team was not Hufflepuff.

Some time after Skye joined the Quidditch team, Penny introduced her friend Jacob's sibling to Quidditch, telling them that Skye was a Chaser on the team. The two went to watch a Quidditch friendly where Skye played, and in that match, Skye stopped a bludger from hitting Jacob's sibling. After Penny learned that a member of Skye's team was injured and unable to play for the rest of the season, she convinced Jacob's sibling to try out for the Quidditch team, and Jacob's sibling started their way to the team by training with Skye. Penny was also excited to learn that Jacob's sibling had befriended Skye.

Penny and Skye met in person after Jacob's sibling had their newly received Comet 220 stolen, when Penny and Hagrid came to inform Jacob's sibling that they had found the broomstick broken by Crup puppies. The four, along with Murphy McNully and Orion Amari, went to Hagrid's Garden, where they saw the Crup puppies. However, no major interactions between Skye and Penny happened during this event.

The two met again during the party before the final house match of the season. Penny was excited to see Skye at the pre-match party. At the party, the two, along with Jacob's sibling, talked about good luck traditions, and Penny said her good luck tradition was citing the ingredients of Felix Felicis, after which she asked Skye if she had any traditions.

After the first Quidditch match of Penny's third year, Penny explained to Jacob's sibling, who was playing in the match, how Skye had performed amazingly in the house match. Penny and Skye met briefly when Skye came to tell Jacob's sibling that the Quidditch team had a meeting.

The two had a brief meeting again at the Pre-Match Party before Skye's second house match of the year. Skye came to tell Jacob's sibling that they had to leave to prepare for the second match. Penny tried to convince Skye and Jacob's sibling to stay for a while, by mentioning the sweets served at the party. This did not work, as Skye and Jacob's sibling explained that there was no time.

Some time after the second house match, Skye and Penny were in the Clocktower Courtyard together, sitting on the fountain having a conversation. Both of them briefly talked to Jacob's sibling about the upcoming final Quidditch match before Jacob's sibling went to talk to Andre Egwu.


Parkwood started gaining some support following the introduction of the Quidditch storyline, where Penny is interested in Skye. It is, however, notably less popular than Penny x MC. It is possibly the most popular ship for Skye, although ships involving Skye in general are not very popular. Some fans were excited to see Penny and Skye looking at each other happily in the Hogwarts Mystery loading screen introduced on April 14, 2020.

The ship has received some criticism due to the fact that Penny is more of a fangirl to Skye, and that Skye has shown no interest in Penny, and despite both being major characters in the Quidditch storyline, they are hardly shown interacting with each other. Another obstacle would be the fact that Penny is a popular love interest for Jacob's sibling and one of the possible date options, and making Parkwood canon would not work with the dating quests, especially the Valentine's Day quest where Penny shows interest in Jacob's sibling regardless of whether the player chooses her as a date.



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