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Parvill is the slash ship between Alex Parvis and William Strife from the Yogscast fandom.


Solutions in Chaos

The main reason the ship began was from the two's banter, as Strife complained and bossed Parvis around while Parvis returned his complaints with witty banter and funny jokes. The ship began taking form from the start due to this dynamic between the two but canon material between the two that could be read as romantic beyond this banter started out as rather slim. That doesn't mean there was no content that could be taken as romantic, such as the fact it took many episodes to make more then one bed or Parvis' many jokes about more sexual matters to a stunned and somewhat flustered Strife. At one point Strife even calls Parvis lecherous, thinking it meant calling someone a leach. In Episode 05 Parvis finally managed to gain some of Strife's respect by tricking him to his death several times, the first time in the series Strife acknowledged Parvis' abilities. With mostly banter between the two there are very few stand out canon moments of Parvill in the first series they did together.

Blood and Chaos

Blood and Chaos opens with Strife going out of his way to find and check on Parvis after the two were separated in the ending to Solutions in Chaos. Discovering that Parvis has made a base with someone else he acts very passive aggressive to Parvis about how it seemed Parvis found someone else to help him and how he didn't need Strife anymore. Parvis quickly assures Strife that he still wants him around, mostly because Strife tries to take back his jetpack, by showing him a secret he had been keeping from Littlewood. Upon showing Strife the blood orbs he had found that he told Littlewood he left behind, Parvis tries to impress Strife to Strife's horror at the dark magic he had uncovered. Either way the two headed out to coordinates the previous owners of the blood orbs had left and found a blood altar. Despite Strife's immense distaste and distrust of magic and his own trauma with blood magic, upon Parvis' request he drains some of his own blood into the altar, though it ends with Strife running off, having a flashback to a previously unknown traumatic event that likely took place in college.

Strife soon returns to Parvis though, having brought him fuel to the jetpack that Parvis had lost off screen, and helps him clean up his base. Strife is still incredibly uneasy about the magic but Parvis quickly assures him about how the blood magic will make him lots of money and that Parvis has it under control. Strife reluctantly agrees to keep helping, using his own knowledge of the magic to help Parvis improve and strengthen his own altar. Over the next episodes he repeatedly expresses concern about Parvis doing this magic, though he does not hesitate to help him with it when needed, Parvis always reassures him and shuts down any complaints as he goes deeper in the magic. Eventually the two clear out and move into a castle dungeon they had cleared out, and Parvis declares Strife to be one of his cultists. Strife is very uneasy about the whole thing. Especially when Parvis summons and tames a demon named Steven while declaring Strife and him to be it's parents and likens the experience to giving birth to Strife's child to Strife's immense confusion and discomfort.

When someone else comes over to help out Parvis with his blood magic, Strife is incredibly defensive of his role of mentor and asserts himself to be the better more reliable person, seemingly jealous of the attention Parvis is paying someone else and even attacks Parvis when Parvis asserts he might like the other better. Parvis seems to enjoy watching Strife's jealousy, delighting in teasing him and setting him up against the other. Though eventually the two are once again left alone in the castle. Strife only grows more and more concerned as Parvis tortures people, even people Strife hates, for more blood for his magic. Despite Strife's best attempts to get Parvis to quit the magic, Parvis only grows more obsessed with it and power as he grows to a state of ability where the roles of power reverse for the two as Parvis protects and shelters Strife often while commenting on how weak Strife is and how he needs to be protected which becomes very apparent in episode #34.

The ending of the series features Strife desperately trying to stop Parvis from combining his magic with the magic of Thaumcraft, however no matter how much Strife yells and borderline begs Parvis to stop, Parvis does in fact combine the magics, causing a giant explosion that ended the series, leaving the fate of the two unknown. While a sequel was planned it was unfortunately scrapped as the mod of Thaumcraft refused to work properly and Parvis in real life getting pulled away to do more and more with his band.

Behind the Scenes

Though originally not the biggest fan of the concept of being shipped, creator William Strife never discouraged fans from shipping and only request it not be put in main tags of websites like Tumblr. Over time though he's warmed up to the idea of being shipped and Parvill quite a bit, though he prefers to not overly engage with matters of fandom outsides occasional jokes on his Twitch Streams. It is unknown what Parvis thought of this ship as he has made no statements or at least none that can be easily found today, though as he was seen occasionally joking about it, most people assumed he didn't really care all that much.


Partnering in a series on William Strife's YouTube in Minecraft, the two quickly gained a decently sized cult following for the pairs bantering and natural chemistry. As with all fandoms, the ship of Parvill quickly emerged from this following and became a new popular contender in the Yogscast shipping space. The ship was mostly contained with the space of their Minecraft series together, though a handful of more RPF like fanfiction between the two was produced as well even if it was never as popular as the alternative. When Strife asked people to keep it out of his main character tags on social media websites, the fandom was overall extremely accommodating and did their best to make sure no one would see the ship unless they looked searching, even if a scarce few people complained or villainized Strife for this.

The ship seemed to gain popularity as the two had a natural and at times flirtatious chemistry with one another, especially as the two were often played as villain characters and had a mentor/apprentice relationship allowing many people to run with it. When the series had it's second season the ship exploded in popularity as the tone grew darker and darker. With Parvis' interest in blood magic and his overall power growing the fandom using Strife's worry about Parvis' wellbeing along with Parvis disturbing and cruel actions in canon resulted in a boom of angst or otherwise dark content between the two. Many of these fics had themes of Parvis turning on Strife or themes of Parvis breaking under the pressure of his blood magic, often with unhappy and pained endings. To this day most content made of this fic will still feature some themes of angst or mutual destruction because of how influential the second season was between the dynamic of the two. Though some fans have complained about this oversaturation of dark fic and lack of genuinely healthy relationships in the ship fandom.


The two seemed to be decent friends while content between the two was airing, often interacting on Twitter and vocalizing how they enjoyed doing content for the other. However the two had very different life paths and as Parvis moved away from Youtube to focus more on his band Area 11 and programming the two talked less and less and now barely talk at all. Strife however holds Parvis in well regards, often making reference to him or talking about how he appreciated Parvis' professionalism in recordings. It is unknown how Parvis feels about Strife at this time but it is assumed he has no ill will towards Strife either.



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Str11fe refers to the ship between William Strife and the rest of Area 11, which included Sparkles*, Alex Parvis, Leo Taylor, and Jonathon Kogie


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