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Peachadette is the non-binary ship between Princess Peach and Toadette from the Super Mario fandom.


Toadette is one of the many inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom, thus making her one of Princess Peach's subjects. Both characters are playable together in multiple party and sports games. They are commonly portrayed as being on good terms with each other. In Mario Super Sluggers, Toadette is apart of Peach's team. Her unique star mission also has her in Peach Gardens, Peach's stage.

According to Mario Party DS, Princess Peach heard Toadette playing the piano. After learning of her friend's love for music, Princess Peach gifted her trumpets. Toad also built a table that Princess Peach ended up giving to Toadette for her music recital. Both gifts made Toadette happy.

Princess Peach also allows Toadette to hang out near the royal throne in Super Mario Odyssey to give Mario power moons. In Super Mario Maker 2, Toadette is the head chief in charge to building Peach's castle.

Toadette is shown to have concern towards the princess, whether it be her asking if there's anything she can do for her or wondering about the princess's safety. In both Super Mario Run and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Toadette is a playable character who travels with Mario to save Princess Peach. Like Mario and Luigi, Toadette is given a kiss on top of the head. NSMBU also has her attending Peach's party at the beginning of the game.

When she obtains the Super Crown, Toadette can transform into Peachette, a toadstool-themed Peach. Toadette is the only character who can use the item. Any other characters will merely obtain ten coins. It is unknown as to why this is the case. Princess Peach will also respond to seeing Peachette if the player makes it to Bowser as her. She is confused about seeing herself.


“I'm fine. But I'm concerned about the Princess's safety!”
Toadette, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
“I want to do my part to protect this island and all the ballparks Princess Peach built!”
Toadette, Mario Super Sluggers


The ship began to form when Toadette became an unlockable character in Super Mario Run. As mentioned before, Peach will also kiss Toadette as she does with Mario and Luigi. Fans saw this and believed Peach to be bisexual. Thus, the ship sailed.

Compared to other ships featuring Peach, this ship is fairly underground in terms of popularity. Interestingly enough, the ship has an issue with naming due to the recent creation of Peachette. Thus, tagging of the ship is harder to work with.

There are also several head-canons involving the Super Crown and duo. In terms of relationships, a fairly popular head-canon is that when Princess Peach needs to leave or sneak away from the castle, she will have Toadette take her place instead. Some have even speculated Peach to be a Toad as well, which has caused some Toad!Peach and Peachette art.

With the small amount of fanart there is, it will typically portray the pre-mentioned kissing scene. Sometimes Toadette will be in her regular form, while others will have her as Peachette.



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