Pearlnet is the non-binary ship between Pearl and Garnet from the Steven Universe (Fandom) fandom.


Garnet and Pearl have known each other for thousands of years and have also raised Steven (and to an extent, Amethyst) together. They both played a key part in the revolution that took place on Earth, as well as the events afterward.

Garnet and Pearl first met when Pearl was fighting Homeworld with Rose Quartz. When Pearl saw Garnet's components Ruby and Sapphire fuse, Rose told her to leave them alone. They met again later, and Garnet was scared of Pearl at first, but later she agreed to become a Crystal Gem, and joined Pearl and Rose. They both fought in the Gem War with Rose Quartz and lived together in the Crystal Temple. Over the years they have grown closer.

Following Rose's death Pearl came to rely on Garnet far more as the defacto leader of the Crystal Gems. When near each other Pearl will often link their arms together.

In "Cry for Help" their relationship sours after it is revealed that Garnet was duped into forming Sardonyx multiple times without finding Peridot. When Ruby and Sapphire make up again, Pearl asks Garnet how she's doing, but Garnet brushes off Pearl by saying "Not now.". Eventually, they talked to each other, Pearl stated that she wanted to feel strong by fusing with Garnet, but Garnet said that she has weaknesses too and the two fuse again. Since then, they've grown closer, and trust each other more.


Pearlnet is one of the earliest ships to appear in the Steven Universe fandom. Though, its popularity lowered after the reveal that Garnet is a fusion, in "Jail Break". The Garnet is a fusion issue is often justified by the fact that it is confirmed several times in the show that fusions are their own people, and aren't just a mashup of two characters.

The song American Boy by Estelle, who plays Garnet, is often viewed by Pearlnet fans as a ship song, especially in its remixed versions.

On AO3, Perlnet is the third most written ship for Pearl, and the most written for Garnet. It is also the seventh most written ship in the Steven Universe (Cartoon) tag.



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  • It is a non-binary ship, as gems are sexless, though it could also be called a femslash ship, as both gems use she/her pronouns.
  • The fusion between Garnet and Pearl (or Ruby, Sapphire, and Pearl) is Sardonyx.


Polygems refers to the ship between Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl


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