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Percamy is the femslash ship between Amy and Perci from the Sonic Boom fandom.


Rise of Lyric

Amy, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles meet Perci outside her house near the gate of the unnamed village. Perci is concerned with the village's safety while being frustrated with the other villagers caring less about such, focusing on the mayor's re-election. She is reluctant to accept help from Team Sonic at first, but lets them prove their worth by energizing monuments to strengthen seaside defenses on the Bygone Island. After the team finish this side mission, the bandicoot rewards them with a Power Glyph of the player's choice, as Amy replied that the team was glad to help. Perci also promised them to a toast of victory after Lyric's defeat at the end of the game's story.

Sonic Boom

In "Battle of the Boy Bands", Amy and Perci were one of the brainwashed Justin Beaver fangirls obsessed with his mind control music. Both girls attended a Justin Beaver signing, and later, a concert in which Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles' band, Dreamboat Express, challenged the beaver to a sing-off. Amy, Perci and the other fangirls were freed after Sonic used a counter-frequency on Justin, then cheered on the trio under a new name, Dude-itude.

In "Fire in a Crowded Workshop", Tails went inside his smoking workshop and saw Amy, Perci, Sonic and Knuckles covered in soot. Sonic tried to explain his own version of the story of how the workshop caught fire. Knuckles disagreed with his version, then told his own version, with Amy and Perci equally obsessed with the echidna. Amy likewise disagreed with Knuckles' story then tells her own, in which Sonic and Knuckles fight over Perci, her bicycle and later on, a pillow. Aggravated by the contradicting points of view, Perci told her own version of the story that Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy were equally fretting over the accident. Tails revealed to them that accident was caused by his new security system that should have gone off. Resolved, Amy, Sonic, and Knuckles went out to eat at Meh Burger.

Both do not directly interact with each other in "Mech Suits Me". Sonic riding in his mech suit flirted with Perci and her twin sister Staci. The twins happily waved at the blue hedgehog, much to Amy's embarrassment.


This ship is not so popular as Sonamy or Sonerci. DeviantArt and Tumblr has a handful of followers of this pairing. A fan work by KatarinaTheCat depicts a rare instance of Perci kissing Amy.

There is a theory that Amy and Perci already knew each other since they were kids. This is based on an quote taken out of context during Sonic's version of the story in "Fire in a Crowded Workshop".



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  • Percamy was coined in 2015 by Tumblr artist roiiak.
  • Amerci was coined in 2019 by Missladygirl (dead link), a now-deactivated DeviantArtist, who also disliked Sonerci, Chaotikal, among others.



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