Pertrapta is the femslash ship between Perfuma and Entrapta from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom.


Season 1

Perfuma and Entrapta were both recruited into the Princess Rebellion by Adora, Glimmer and Bow. Perfuma rules over Plumeria, and is generally a pacifist but comes around to the idea of fighting against the Horde. Entrapta rules over Dryl and while she agrees to fight the Horde, her moral code has much more shades of grey to it than Perfuma's and the other Princesses.

After Catra captured Glimmer and Bow and held them as prisoners in the Fright Zone, Adora planned their rescue with the other Princesses. In the meeting Entrapta notes that it would make more sense for Perfuma to be represented by a perfume bottle. During the rescue mission itself Perfuma and Entrapta worked together, although Entrapta was often distracted by the technology present in the Flight Zone. This caused some frustration for Perfuma and lead her to use vines to prevent Entrapta from wandering away.

Once Bow was found and they began to make their escape Entrapta was seemingly killed after being locked behind a furnace door. Perfuma is the most visibly effected by Entrapta's "death" and she goes on to build a monument to her in Plumeria.

Season 2

After Bow and Glimmer learn that Entrapta is alive and now working with the Horde is is unclear if they share this news with Perfuma or the rest of the Rebellion.

Season 5

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Pertrapta is a small ship in the the She-Ra fandom, but was generally one of the more popular ones for each character. Perfuma's reaction to Entrapta's apparent death lead to many fans wanting to see their reunion and the further reaction to Entraptra working for the Horde. Unfortunately, the revelation from Entrapta's voice actress that Entrapta is in her late twenties where as Perfuma is still a teenage seems to have driven away a large majority of the fans that this ship had. Both of them going threw all of seasons 2 and 3 without mentioning or seeing each other certainly didn't help.



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