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“Vulnerable Petra is way hotter than Ice Queen Petra”

Petramos is the femslash ship between Petra and JR from the Jane the Virgin fandom.


Season 4

Petra and Jane meet when Jane is assigned to Petra's legal case regarding the suspected murder of Petra's sister, Anezka. Jane, also known as JR, came into the case with the belief that Petra was guilty of the murder. Later on she begins to believe that Petra isn't guilty after all and tries her best to prove Petra innocent.

Petra starts to catch feelings for JR, having dreamed of them kissing, and tries to hide her crush from JR. When JR believes they are being followed by the people who blackmailed her, she kisses Petra to pretend as if she can seduce Petra in order to use her to Jane's advantage. Petra visibly enjoys her kiss with JR and starts to become closer to her. Things escalate between them leading to them sleeping together. JR claims that their tryst was a one-time thing, even going as far as to tell Petra that she isn't her type. JR later discloses to Petra that she has a date to which Petra becomes jealous and follows her to see what JR's type really was. While spying on JR's date, Petra chooses to leave but accidentally reverses into the car behind her. JR sees and goes over to confront Petra on stalking her. Petra tells JR what she really feels for her and leaves. Later that night, JR shows up at Petra's room telling her that she enjoyed her "romantic gesture". They kiss.

JR and Petra start to date and eventually JR meets Petra's daughters and Jane and Rafael. In the season finale, JR learns that Petra lied about killing Anezka. JR is furious; she had given up her job to prove that Petra was innocent only to learn she was guilty all along. JR breaks up with Petra, storming out of the apartment. Later on JR gets word from Petra's former assistant that someone is coming after Petra. JR rushes back to the apartment to find Petra and sees a figure holding a gun to Petra. JR shoots the figure whose identity has yet to be revealed.


For a long time fans have head-canoned Petra as bisexual, very commonly shipping her with Jane Villanueva. With such loud support for a bi character the writers decided to lean into that by giving her a female love interest. The love interest came in the form of the newest lesbian character, Jane Ramos. Coincidentally, or not, naming Petra's new love interest Jane is a nice nod to the Jetra ship.[1]

Petramos is one of the more popular ships in the Jane the Virgin fandom.



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