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Philora is the het ship between Aurora and Philip from the Sleeping Beauty and Once Upon A Time fandoms.


Sleeping Beauty

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At the celebration of Princess Aurora's birth, young Prince Philip gets betrothed to her; and because he was a child while Aurora was a baby when they first met he wasn't so sure about her. As their young ages, as well as Aurora being raised under the name of "Briar Rose", being one of the main reasons they didn't know or recognize each other when they met years later as adults.

Philip goes for a horse back ride in the woods he hears the eco of a woman singing and goes in search for her. His "pursuit" gets delayed when his horse accidentally gets his rider soaking water and has to layout his hat, cap and boats to dry; but when they got stolen by animals and went in search of the thieves he eventually finds her. After switching places with the animals that stole from him, so they could serve as her "dream prince", Philip sings along with her until Briar Rose notices the switch. Because he is a stranger who approached her from behind un expertly, Briar Rose was nervous and unsure about him until they began to sing and dance together all while falling in love with each other. As he asks Briar Rose her name, however, she notices that was time for her to head back home, but tell Philip where he can find her. After receiving her birthday gifts, Briar Rose tells her three cares of the man she is in love with, and because they weren't aware that the said man is Prince Philip, the three fairies tell Aurora that since her birth she has been betrothed to a prince, in which would prevent her and the man she is in love with can't be together.


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Once Upon A Time

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Philip, Jr.

Philip, Jr.

Philip, Jr. is the son of the Once Upon A Time versions of Aurora and Prince Philip. As his name surjects, he is named after his father, and after Aurora became a first time mother she joins Mary Margaret (Snow White) in Ashley's Mommy & Me classes, so she could learn how to take care of him.


Audrey (Descendants)

Audrey is the daughter of the Disney Descendants versions of Aurora and Philip. When Auradon Prep got four VK (Villain Kid) exchange students she didn't trust them, since one of them is the daughter of the evil fairy who used her magic to harm her family and wasn't happy when Mal "stole" her (former) boyfriend and was taking her place as the school's popular girl, until the four were finally excepted among the people of Auradon when they took on and defeated Maleficent. As well as both Audrey and Mal deciding to put their family's past actions towards each other aside, so they could become proper friends.


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The ship has support due to its canon status in a Disney movie.



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  • They are one of the many canon Disney couples to be seen in Kingdom Hearts.
  • They make background camo appearances in Disney channel's original film, Descendants.





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