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Piers Nivans is a character from the Resident Evil fandom.


Piers had always dreamed about joining the army like the other men in his family, but when he saw his superiors treating their soldiers as expendable pawns he was heartbroken and undoubtedly disappointed. Things changed when Chris Redfield recruited him into the B.S.A.A. Subverted in his relationship to Chris, as he never loses faith in him and helps him go back to what he was.

Piers had a strong sense of justice, and his morals guided in order to combat Bio-Terrorism. He was a naturally gifted marksman, and due to his extreme sharpness and concentration, he was known as “the man who never misses a target”.



Bijivans — the ship between Piers and Merah Biji
Debiers — the ship between Piers and Deborah Harper
Nivantine — the ship between Piers and Jill Valentine
Piaire — the ship between Piers and Claire Redfield
Pierry — the ship between Piers and Sherry Birkin
Radvans — the ship between Piers and Carla Radames
Shiers — the ship between Piers and Sheva Alomar


Fiers — the ship between Piers and Finn Macauley
Jakiers — the ship between Piers and Jake Muller
Nivanfield — the ship between Piers and Chris Redfield
Nivannedy — the ship between Piers and Leon Kennedy


Macnivanfield — the ship between Piers, Chris Redfield and Finn Macauley
Nivalenfield — the ship between Piers, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine
Nivanshake — the ship between Piers, Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller


Chris Redfield

Main article: Nivanfield

Teammates and partners, Chris and Piers worked together for three and a half years, 2010 to July 2013, where they’d combat Bioterrorism across the globe, up until Piers’ death in 2013. During their final missions together, Piers was less emotionally invested compared to Chris, seeing as he was able to accept the fact that his team had died back in Edonia. However, when it comes to Chris, Piers will do everything in his power in order to protect him. This is seen all throughout Resident Evil 6 whenever he pushed Chris out of the way in the expense of his own life, and in the end, ultimately dying to protect Chris. Prior to Piers’ death, Chris had wanted him to be his successor; following his death, Chris stayed with the B.S.A.A, per Piers’ wishes.



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8 Nivanshake Jake MullerSherry Birkin poly
5  ? Alexander Kozachenko slash
4 Pierry Sherry Birkin het
3  ? Albert Wesker slash
3 Fiers Finn Macauley slash


  • Piers makes his debut in the manga Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire, a year before the release of the video game Resident Evil 6.


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