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“Number One is very resourceful. People have a tendency to end up owing her favors.”
— Pike about Una.

Pikeone is the het ship between Christopher Pike and Number One (Una) from the Star Trek fandom.


The Cage

Pike and Number One are one of the first characters introduced. Number One is the first officer of the Enterprise (that is the reason behind her nickname), and she is shown as a logical, calm and professional woman. Pike completely trusts her, and leaves the ship in her care without hesitation. It is hinted at the very beginning that despite her cold attitude, Number One has feelings for Pike - when, after losing his Yeoman, he says about Colt that "He is not used to having a woman on the bridge", and mentions that Number One doesn't count, because she is "different", she is obviously hurt.

During the Cage, her feelings become confirmed, when the Talosians kidnap Pike and two women from the ship, Number One, and Yeoman Colt. However, unlike Colt, she keeps up a professional attitude, and overloads a phaser, forcing the Talosians to either let them go, or die with them. Later she even scolds the Yeoman when she asks the captain, "who would have been Eve", if they had to stay on the planet.

Short Treks

Even though they have few scenes together, the couple is further hinted in the Short Trek episodes, when Number One gets stuck in a turbolift with Spock, and he mentions that she seem to notice a lot about the Captain. Number One doesn't answer, just asks the engineering if they could hurry. However, she talks about Pike with great respect and appreciation.


In Discovery, Number One is mostly on the Enterprise, only appearing meeting Pike on some occasions, and in the finale. However Pike often talks about her, mentions that she is "very resourceful", and it is shown that he has great respect and trust towards his first officer as well. They joke a lot together, and Pike is the first and only person in the series, who calls her on her first name without receiving any negative comments.


Pike and Number One is a quite popular ship in the fandom. It's the most written het ship for both characters, and the most written ship for Number One. The pairing, Pike/Vina could be considered its main rival, however it's not really that popular.

On AO3, Pikeone is the most written ship for Una and the fourth most written for Pike.



Number One/Christopher Pike tag on AO3


  • In the Original Series, Pike is portrayed by Jeffrey Hunter, and Number One by Majel Barrett, while in Discovery, Pike is played by Anson Mount and Number One by Rebecca Romijn.


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