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Pladrien is the non-binary ship between Adrien Agreste and Plagg from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Plagg is Adrien's Kwami and friend that helps him to become the superhero Cat Noir. When they first met, Adrien had mistaken Plagg for a genie until the Kwami explains to him that he grants powers to the holder of the Cat Miraculous when needed. Plagg tries to get Adrien to cut loos and to walk on the wild side of life, instead of trying to be the perfect for his father. In return Adrien consults with Plagg on his Ladybug crush, despite the Cat Kwami not being very interested and doesn't understand why Adrien keeps pursuing her.

Season One

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Season Two

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In "Syren", Adrien has grown tried of the secrets that Plagg and Ladybug are keeping from him and tries to bribe Plagg with cheese to make get more information, which is why Plagg used the sent of Adrien's unwashed socks as a an air bag to keep him from talking; but it didn't stop Adrien from listing the kinds of cheeses that would make Plagg weak at the knees for. Until they both noticed the rising water and knew that it was time for them to help Ladybug. After Cat Noir saves Ladybug and was told to wait for her while she goes to a unknown location that she can't tell or bring him with her to, Cat Noir de-transforms back into Adrien Agreste. As he has had enough of his questions being unanswered and wanted to part with the Cat Miraculous because of them. Plagg tried to talk him out of it as he tells him that he'll care if he does quite, as while there might be other Cat Noirs who could pervade the Cat Kwami with cheese nether of them would be him. Adrien's expression softens to Plagg's works before an old man, who had gave Adrien Plagg's Miraculous, gives the two the power to fight underwater. Sometime after the battle, as the old man visits Adrien as his substitute Chinese teacher, Plagg explains that Master Fu is the last Guardian of the Miraculous, as well as a friend that knows their secret.

Season Three

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Because Marinette's designs in "Reflekdoll" requires a different ring that goes along with the rest of the outfits jewellery, Adrien reassures Plagg, who wasn't happy about the idea of him taking the Cat Miraculous off, that it would be for very short time. When Reflekta and her titled Sentimonster attacked and made everyone else look like mirror images of herself, however, Adrien's choice of taking his ring off for another ring prevents him from transforming into Cat Noir and being hit by Reflekdoll's ray had made it hard for Plagg to find him. Which is why Plagg and Tikki had little choice but to allow their owners to swap their Miraculouses with each other, until the end of the battle where they are freely able to swap back. Adrien is happy to have Plagg back and switches the ordinarily ring back with his Miraculous ring, as he promises Plagg that he won't take it off again.

Shortly after Plagg's stomach got both him and Tikki seen by Adrien's science teacher in "Kwamibuster", the Cat Kwami planned to keep the incident a secret from his owner to prevent Adrien from knowing that his crush is a fellow student at Collège Françoise Dupont. The next day, however, Adrien learns of the trap that Ms. Mendeleiev had set for Plagg and Ladybug's Kwami when she tries to expose their existence to the world on live TV. Luckily for them no one believed Ms. Mendeleiev's clam, but Plagg knew that he is in trouble with his owner the moment Adrien began to ask Plagg what he was thinking. Plagg also began worry that Adrien was getting close to uncovering who Ladybug is. Plagg's stunt also got Ms. Mendeleiev akumatized into Kwaminuster and as Cat Noir goes to fight the supervillain with Ladybug, Plagg gets "busted" right out of Cat Noir's body. Adrien was able to escape and find the banana man suit to hide his identity, as he works on a plan to save Plagg from Kwamibuster. With little options on his end, "Banana Noir" end up trusting the new mouse-themed heroin with both his ring and Plagg's rescue. After both Plagg and the ring were brought back to him, the Cat Kwami tells him owner that it would be wise of them to make sure Ladybug doesn't find out that Cat Noir was in the same building as the two Kwamis at the time of yesterday's incident. To which Adrien agrees to before Plagg helps him to transform back into Cat Noir. When a de-akumatized Ms. Mendeleiev asks Cat Noir about the "creatures", he decides to make sure that Ms. Mendeleiev doesn't goes after Plagg again by convincing her to keep the Kwamis a secret.


Whenever fans ship Adrien with Plagg romantically, they commonly have the Kwami as a human or a human-cat hybrid version of himself. Some fans also ship them as a friendship.

On AO3, the ship has over 264 fanfics. 31 fic on the romantic side, while the friendship side of the ship has over 233 fics.



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  • In the webisode "Plagg", Adrien explains the ups and downs of his relationship with Plagg and how he cannot imagine a life without him.




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