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PlayAva is the non-binary ship between Player and Ava from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.


Player can first meet Ava at the start of the game if they chose Vulpes as their union. She appears before them, congratulating them for managing to tap into the power of the Keyblade. She then teaches Player to fight stronger Heartless by fighting alongside their fellow union members and has them fight a Darkside that suddenly appeared in the fountain square. Once the Darkside is defeated, Ava then tells Player to collect Lux and to be wary of the other Unions, as one of them is suspected to be a traitor. Ava then leaves and Player begins travelling to other worlds to collect Lux.

One day, Ava learns that Ephemer has become friends with someone from another union, that person being Player. Ephemer tells Ava that they're planning to meet up again the next day. However, Ephemer failed to show up, motivating Player to look for him. Player's search eventually takes them to the clock tower where they run into Ava. Player tells Ava about their search, causing Ava to deduce that Player is the friend that Ephemer told her about. Ava then challenges Player to a duel to see their potential. After the duel, Ava tells Player to leave as the clock tower is strictly-off limits.

Some time later, Player eventually returns to the clock tower to continue their search, this time with another friend of Ephemer's named Skuld accompanying them. Once the pair reach the top of the clock tower, they are then confronted by Ava, this time disguised as either Player's Union Leader or Ira if Ava herself is Player's Union Leader. She then tells them that she eliminated Ephemer, resulting in Player and Skuld attacking her in the hopes of avenging their seemingly fallen friend. After defeating the pair, Ava drops her disguise and reveals that not only is Ephemer alive, but the fight was actually a test to see if they were worthy of joining the Dandelions, a special group of Keyblade Wielders who have been chosen to survive the end of the world. Ava tells Player and Skuld that they both passed the test and are worthy of becoming Dandelions. However, Player declines the offer, refusing to leave the other Union Members to die in the Keyblade war.


PlayAva is the most popular of the ships that pairs Player with one of the Foretellers. This is thanks largely in part to how often Ava interacts with Player regardless of whether or not they're a member of her union, especially compared to the other Foretellers. Another reason for the ships popularity is because Ava's union, Vulpes, is the most popular Union among the player-base. PlayAva has however began to decline in popularity as Ava's final appearance in the story, outside of flashbacks with the new Union Leaders, is during the Keyblade War. While this served as the ending of the web browser version of the game, it only marked the halfway point of the mobile version of the game.

There is currently 1 work with the tag 'Ava/Player Character' on AO3.



Ava/Player Character tag on AO3


  • In the Web Browser version of the game, if Player isn't a member of Vulpes, then Ava serves as the game's final boss.
    • Additionally, if Player isn't a member of Vulpes, then Player fights Ava the most out of all five Foretellers, fighting her a total of three times. Otherwise, they only fight her twice, just as many times as Player fights Aced if they aren't a member of Ursus.
      • Ava and Aced are the only Foretellers who fight Player regardless of which union they're a member of.


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